Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 222 - Part 2!

Things are looking good folks!
"I'll be very surprised if they don't buy this house!" are the words that came right out of my boss's mouth and into our ears! The other house, for some miraculous reason (gotta love my guardian angels), has been taken off the market so they only looked at ours and seem to really like it.
"I won't be counting any chickens until they hatch," are the words that were spoken from The Hubster with a grin smeared across his face, but it's looking pretty good for us... so far. We should know more tomorrow.

Looks like good ol' 222 is still a good number for me!


Katy said...

Awesome news!! Hope it all works out :)

Sandra said...

I hope they buy it. Good Luck!