Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 222 - Part 2!

Things are looking good folks!
"I'll be very surprised if they don't buy this house!" are the words that came right out of my boss's mouth and into our ears! The other house, for some miraculous reason (gotta love my guardian angels), has been taken off the market so they only looked at ours and seem to really like it.
"I won't be counting any chickens until they hatch," are the words that were spoken from The Hubster with a grin smeared across his face, but it's looking pretty good for us... so far. We should know more tomorrow.

Looks like good ol' 222 is still a good number for me!

Day 222

When asked what my favorite number is, I often say 222. Sometimes just 22 but I REALLY like 222. The fabulous number 2, in general, is my favorite number so obviously 222 is my fave digit tripil-ized (yes, I sometimes make words up, it's the Tigger in me)!

So here we are on Day 222 of the house being on the market! How awesome would it be if we got an offer or were told of an offer on this day? Pretty darn awesome in my book (which yall should read sometime). Here's the thing, my boss lady, who is also my Realtor, is showing the house today and has already been working up numbers. BUT, and this is one of those big, ugly BUTs, a house nearby JUST went on the market, we're talking 3 frickin' days ago, and it's pretty swanky! It's a couple of thousand cheaper than ours because it's smaller but it's holding up a lot of competition. This happened to us about a month or so ago. A couple was about to make an offer on our house when a new one popped up on the market and they snatched it. Then they called to say they were going to withdraw their offer and come back to ours but ended up staying with that house because the homeowner, & builder of the home, fixed whatever they were not happy about. If these people go with that other house, they have narrowed it down to our house and that one, I'm afraid it will nudge a confirmation of a thought that flashed through my mind while mopping yesterday.

"What thought Jackie??" The thought that maybe we're not meant to move closer to the family yet. When the hubby and I pray and hope for our situation we ask to be led down the path that's best for our family, we don't ask for certain things to happen. With this other house and all it's perfect matches for the couple (from what I've been told so far) coming on the market just days ago, it makes me imagine (***WARNING! Taking a glimpse into Jackie's imagination could change the way you think of her and her sanity. You have been warned!!***) my little guardian angels (I definitely have more than one and they're super cute) nudging the home owners to sell their house RIGHT NOW in preparation to distract the couple from buying our house because we're not meant to leave yet which isn't the end of the world or anything. I want to be where we're meant to be, I'm totally and completely open to that. It just means we will need a new plan.

Yes, I know I'm a bit crazy but having your house on the market this long and dealing with the whacked out situations that we have, including loading our cats up in carriers from people who want nothing to do with cats who then turn around to say "we LOVE your cats", kind of does things to you and of course I've always been a little on the different side!

To be continued......

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 220

That is how many LONG days our house has been on the market. 7 mths! Let's just say it has been quite an experience, for sure. We've gone through a lot of ups and downs and there are times when I feel a volcano of emotional stress start to bubble inside me and I'm not really sure where all the lava from the explosion will go, a bit scary. Fortunately, for me and everyone else, I married a man who knows the perfect ritual dance to keep that volcano calm. He's great at reminding me what matters most is that we have our little family and we're all healthy. I also need to give credit to our beautiful 2 year old daughter who keeps us laughing constantly. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got through hard times before I knew about the power of her smile!

You should always try to find the lesson in every situation and we're honestly becoming stronger through all this. I have learned that a stressful situation can make or break you, it totally depends on YOU. My father has always said "It's all what you make of it" and like many other times throughout my life, I'm realizing how right he is!