Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 6!! 3rd place is better than no place!

Can you believe we only have one more day left of this crazy cleanse?! I convinced The Hubster to give the cleanse a full day tomorrow and then we can break the fast with an awesome breakfast from any place he chooses (soo hoping for Cracker Barrel!) on Monday morning. His plan was to eat whatever he wanted Sunday night because his last "bad" meal was on Sunday night. He's a clever man but listened to reason. I think we've eaten more veggies and fruit this past week than we ever have in a 6mth span!

This morning started out with a bang! I ran the Fuzzy Friends 5k with my buddies Julie and Rachel. It totally kicked my butt and I disliked the hills but I pushed myself to the limit. I pushed myself hard enough that I got 3rd place in my age group!! Say what?! Yeah, I know, crazy talk... but it's true. Or at least I believe it to be true since Rachel's the one who called me yelling in the phone "you got 3rd place!!" I had left because I never dreamed I'd get in the top of my age group. It wasn't a huge race but there was still a good amount of people. I'm pretty proud of myself, ok I'm REALLY proud of myself :) Rachel did super awesome and beat her goal time by almost 4 minutes!! Kick-ass Julie got first place in our age group, she's such a super star! I'm super proud of both of them, especially because they were each pushing a double stroller. The only thing in my hands was the dangling cord of my ipod.

Today's menu consisted of a lot of veggies, nuts & raisins, celery w/ peanut butter, fruit, tofu, rice cakes, soy milk, and some chips. Tomorrow we're going to make Spice Soup, it's actually a soup recipe from one of The Hubster's beloved books. Sounds really yummy and I'm looking forward to it. I'm REALLY, REALLY looking forward to our breakfast on Monday. Real coffee here I come!!


Katy said...

I so love breakfast from Cracker Barell. You and the hubster certainly deserve it. I'm eager to hear how you feel and how the cleanse effected you.

Way to go getting 3rd place! That's awesome!

Rachel E. said...

You were so awesome, Jackie! I have your certificate to prove you are the running queen! :)

Jackie said...

Thanks Ladies!