Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 5 & Staying Alive!!

I accidentally cheated today... boo! I was happily eating some almond crackers with some hummus when all of a sudden, for some strange reason, I decided to double check the ingredients on the cracker box. The last thing listed, which means it's not very much, was milk! Uh oh! I quickly put the crackers away and broke out some celery and peanut butter. I guess I skipped the big bold print of MILK when I was shopping for my cleansing items. I had about 2, possibly 3 crackers so it's not the end of the cleansing world.

Yesterday I declared today to be Clean The Hell Outta My House! So that's what I've been doing all day. The fresh smell of bleach makes me feel so cozy! Actually, I can't stand it and normally use the latest "green" cleaning stuff or good ol' vinegar, but sometimes you just need to really get stuff REALLY clean. Especially when there are flying pigs (flu) out there!

Today's yoga class was so-so. My legs hurt from the Body Torture class so I wasn't able to do the Needle, the Half Moon and all the other pretend you're body is like Gumby poses.

It's Smoothie time folks!

I'm gonna smooth on over to the blender! (hardy har har!)

*If you were to look up hardy har har in the Urban dictionary, this is what you'd find:

hardy har har

When something is funny, but is directed at you as a insult.
Shrug it off by saying hardy har har
1- this test was easy
2- just like your mom
1- hardy har har

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