Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 2 or Torture Tuesday!

I sure picked a fine week to eliminate caffeine from my diet. It seems this is also the week that the instructor of our Body Torture class decided she wanted to beat the living tar out of us then mop the floor with our limp bodies! This morning's class was brutal with a capital Ass Kicking! That woman loves squats, I believe that in her spare time she thinks of millions of different ways to do squats and how to torture us with them. We're actually paying for and are volunteering to get up at a crazy hour in the morning for this! She's a tough cookie, she does everything like it's nothing, like a walk through the park.

This morning's breakfast was the same as yesterday, Oat Bran cereal with organic, unsweetened applesauce (just smooshed up apples), loads of raisins and almonds and some cinnamon. I wish I could have taken a picture of The Hubster's face when he tasted the herbal fake coffee. There was no need for words, it was that bad. It tasted nothing like coffee but I could tolerate it, especially since it has a lot of good nutrients in it. I'm certain that The Hubster will never taste it or even touch it again. He has now been blessed with good ol' decaf coffee.

I've been going into the office on Tues. & Thurs. to help my boss lady get caught up. So today's lunch was a side salad my boss picked up for me on her way into work. It was just lettuce, a half of a tomato diced up and maybe three slices of carrots. I threw some salt and pepper on it and pretended to enjoy it with my lemon water. It actually wasn't that bad but the comments about it got pretty old, pretty quick.

I came home to The Hubster drowning himself in his homemade salsa. He discovered our tortilla chips are safe to eat and of course his salsa is too. He was one happy camper until he realized that maybe it is possible to eat too much salsa at one sitting. I was all about it myself, flavor with a kick was much needed! I was dreaming of celery sticks and peanut butter on my way home so I did not gorge myself on the salsa, I quickly moved on.

The past couple of days a bug bite has grown into a huge red circle on my arm. Check it out:

It was growing so fast that I decided it needed to be seen by medical folks. After hearing horror stories of MRSA from the ladies at the office, one lady actually had pictures of her run in with the horrible infection (bleck!), I was beyond ready for the doc to take a look at it. While getting my blood pressure taken, which by the way the nurse said was perfect (go me!), the nurse noticed the red area and I told her about the MRSA tales. She quickly assured me that what I had was not MRSA, phew! When the doctor finally made her appearance into the room and took a look at my arm, the first thing she said was, "Holy, moly!" She came to the conclusion that I have Cellulitis (Google it) which is basically a skin infection that if left alone can sometimes lead to bad, terrible things. To top off my Torture Tuesday I had to get a Tetanus shot that at the time of the shooting didn't hurt, but is now starting to make sure it's presence is known. Owie! I was even luckier to get to spend time at Walgreens waiting for them to figure out our new insurance so I could get my antibiotics. I was tempted to pull out my red spotted arm as means to get them to hurry the "F" up. Eventually they got it all straightened out after I found a nice hiding nook next to the home drug tests, glad they didn't have those around when I was younger! I was trying to stay away from the possible Swine Flu carriers. Did you know they have home paternity tests now? Sadly, they were all out of those, I can't imagine having to get something like that!

I finally made it home a little after 6pm and opened up a can of Organic Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup with Gluten Free Bread Sticks (pizza flavor!). The Hubster was pretty happy to see I found some Gluten Free Pretzels and was just borderline hysterical when he realized that mustard was safe too. Nothing like pretzels dipped in mustard!

I'm happy with our progress so far. I did get a pretty bad headache while I was at the office, but that could be from all the crazy Realtors, not necessarily from lack of caffeine. I'm satisfied as far as food goes and again if I could have anything right now it would be my warm, cozy bed.

Let's hope Wednesday is Wonderful instead of Woe-is-me!

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Fennells said...

Ugh. Sorry about the cellulitis! Did you actually eat only a salad all day?????? I would DIE!!!! Love reading about your cleanse.