Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 4 - Already?!

Here we are on day 4's afternoon. I went into the office today to listen to a bunch of sick people hacking and coughing and sneezing, etc. and so on. I quickly did my duties and got the hell outta there! Swine flu or not, I don't want what those people are always passing back and forth to each other.

This morning's body torture class wasn't too bad and it actually made my arm feel better. That tetanus shot is mean!

So far today I've had:

teeccino (fake coffee)
left over bad ass salad ( spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, sprouts, black olives & lots of avocado, oh and a shake or two of salt and pepper- this sucker doesn't even need dressing!)
lays chips
tortilla chips and salsa
my beloved celery and peanut butter (I just got done scraping the jar out- must get more!)

I'm thinking for our afternoon smoothie we'll mix up some bananas, oranges, pineapples and possibly some mango.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho it's off to cleaning the house I go!

If I could have anything right now it would be a hot fudge brownie sundae from Katie's Custards!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Smoothie Time!

I can't believe I forgot to mention our afternoon smoothies! Yesterday we had a strawberry & banana smoothie which was made up of strawberries, bananas, tofu, vanilla soymilk (with fiber) and ice. Today's smoothie is the same as yesterday's except with some kiwi action! Hiya!

I'm super stoked about tonight's dinner. We're having spaghetti and salad (the salad at lunch was the bomb!) I found some organic spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and will cook up the rest of the gluten free pasta. I'll probably throw a bunch of veggies into the sauce, especially lots of mushrooms... cha-ching! I just hope I'm hungry for it after this smoothie.

If I could have anything right now it would be chocolate! The Hubster and I are already dreaming of what we'll eat when we're done with the cleanse. Today I've been dreaming of a big steak with a baked potato loaded with sour cream and butter... mmmmm. I've also been dreaming of a big, greasy, super cheesy pizza! Lord, I better stop.

Feeling great, not as tired today. The Hubster's been in a great mood too... shhhh, don't tell him. He'll freak out and worry that I'll want to stick to this way of eating.

Day 3- 9:36 am

If I could have anything right now it would be my beautiful daughter's toast that she didn't want and that I had to feed to the dog. It smelled so great coming out of the toaster and then when I spread the butter on it, I honestly felt an urge like no other to just jam the pieces in my mouth!

The gym time without coffee is working well. I do have to say that I never noticed that they brew coffee there before the cleanse. Now the smell hits me in the face and slaps me around a couple of times while I'm running my little heart out. This morning I made myself some of the fake coffee, it's called Teeccinno (tea CHEE no). I actually like it. The taste is something you have to get used to plus I got the Vanilla Nut flavor, so there might be a milder tasting one. This is what is selling me on it:

  • Naturally caffeine free- no processing of chemical residues
  • Non-acidic - helps restore alkaline balance
  • Natural Energy Boost - from nutrients, not stimulants
  • Heart healthy potassium and soluble fiber
  • Prebiotic - inulin from chicory root supports beneficial microflora that improve digestion, elimination and intestinal health.
How am I feeling? Pretty darn good actually. I had a little bit of an icky feeling after I took one of the antibiotic pills this morning but it wasn't anything some celery and peanut butter couldn't take care of, that is definitely my addiction right now. My arm has dramatically improved today. You can hardly tell there was a huge red area invading me.

Yesterday The Hubster said he didn't feel any different but he could tell that he goes to sleep easier. I feel calmer, not as anxious. I'm still tired throughout the day but feel much more calm, well except when news of the Swine Flu comes around. I can't even describe the feeling I got this morning when I was running on the treadmill, looked up at the TV screen and read the words, "23 mth old child dies in Texas from the Swine flu." My immediate reaction was to run off the treadmill, jump in my car and put my house on lock down. My buddy, Rachel, was quick to tell me not to panic and reminded me that 35,000 people die from the "normal" Flu every year and I had been going on with my life just fine. It's funny how quickly someone can learn about my crazy ways and how I will react to certain things. Thanks Rachel! (I did come home and disinfect everything I could think of!)

Let's see here, today's lunch is going to be a HUGE spinach salad with all the veggies I can get my hands on! I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 2 or Torture Tuesday!

I sure picked a fine week to eliminate caffeine from my diet. It seems this is also the week that the instructor of our Body Torture class decided she wanted to beat the living tar out of us then mop the floor with our limp bodies! This morning's class was brutal with a capital Ass Kicking! That woman loves squats, I believe that in her spare time she thinks of millions of different ways to do squats and how to torture us with them. We're actually paying for and are volunteering to get up at a crazy hour in the morning for this! She's a tough cookie, she does everything like it's nothing, like a walk through the park.

This morning's breakfast was the same as yesterday, Oat Bran cereal with organic, unsweetened applesauce (just smooshed up apples), loads of raisins and almonds and some cinnamon. I wish I could have taken a picture of The Hubster's face when he tasted the herbal fake coffee. There was no need for words, it was that bad. It tasted nothing like coffee but I could tolerate it, especially since it has a lot of good nutrients in it. I'm certain that The Hubster will never taste it or even touch it again. He has now been blessed with good ol' decaf coffee.

I've been going into the office on Tues. & Thurs. to help my boss lady get caught up. So today's lunch was a side salad my boss picked up for me on her way into work. It was just lettuce, a half of a tomato diced up and maybe three slices of carrots. I threw some salt and pepper on it and pretended to enjoy it with my lemon water. It actually wasn't that bad but the comments about it got pretty old, pretty quick.

I came home to The Hubster drowning himself in his homemade salsa. He discovered our tortilla chips are safe to eat and of course his salsa is too. He was one happy camper until he realized that maybe it is possible to eat too much salsa at one sitting. I was all about it myself, flavor with a kick was much needed! I was dreaming of celery sticks and peanut butter on my way home so I did not gorge myself on the salsa, I quickly moved on.

The past couple of days a bug bite has grown into a huge red circle on my arm. Check it out:

It was growing so fast that I decided it needed to be seen by medical folks. After hearing horror stories of MRSA from the ladies at the office, one lady actually had pictures of her run in with the horrible infection (bleck!), I was beyond ready for the doc to take a look at it. While getting my blood pressure taken, which by the way the nurse said was perfect (go me!), the nurse noticed the red area and I told her about the MRSA tales. She quickly assured me that what I had was not MRSA, phew! When the doctor finally made her appearance into the room and took a look at my arm, the first thing she said was, "Holy, moly!" She came to the conclusion that I have Cellulitis (Google it) which is basically a skin infection that if left alone can sometimes lead to bad, terrible things. To top off my Torture Tuesday I had to get a Tetanus shot that at the time of the shooting didn't hurt, but is now starting to make sure it's presence is known. Owie! I was even luckier to get to spend time at Walgreens waiting for them to figure out our new insurance so I could get my antibiotics. I was tempted to pull out my red spotted arm as means to get them to hurry the "F" up. Eventually they got it all straightened out after I found a nice hiding nook next to the home drug tests, glad they didn't have those around when I was younger! I was trying to stay away from the possible Swine Flu carriers. Did you know they have home paternity tests now? Sadly, they were all out of those, I can't imagine having to get something like that!

I finally made it home a little after 6pm and opened up a can of Organic Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup with Gluten Free Bread Sticks (pizza flavor!). The Hubster was pretty happy to see I found some Gluten Free Pretzels and was just borderline hysterical when he realized that mustard was safe too. Nothing like pretzels dipped in mustard!

I'm happy with our progress so far. I did get a pretty bad headache while I was at the office, but that could be from all the crazy Realtors, not necessarily from lack of caffeine. I'm satisfied as far as food goes and again if I could have anything right now it would be my warm, cozy bed.

Let's hope Wednesday is Wonderful instead of Woe-is-me!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 1 coming to an end! Finally!

Let's see here, after I posted this morning I made the mistake of cuddling with my beautiful daughter who's current obsession is to tuck everyone and thing into a blanket and put them to sleep. I didn't put up much of a fight and woke up half an hour later to her telling me, "Mommy g'up! Wake up Mommy, g'up!" It was such a nice comfortable snooze (thank goodness I had rented Madagascar 2).

After going thru the internet and finding all kinds of things we could use instead of the eliminated items, I made a list and got ready to go to one of our local health food stores. I put that beautiful daughter of mine down for a nap and went to make the bed while avoiding The Hubster as he wallowed in his pity from not getting any coffee. On my way to our room I tripped and fell onto the bed and then proceeded to fall into a deep, wonderful sleep. It didn't help that it was raining! I woke up about an hour and a half later, scurried around and made myself presentable and headed to the health food store. I found this herbal decaf coffee-like stuff, agave nectar to use as a sweetener, some gluten and wheat free bread & tortillas. Oh, and rice bran crackers . I bet you're just drooling, huh?

I arrived home to find The Hubster wasting away in the chair in the living room. He said he could barely move and was starving to death. So I fed him some rice cakes (forget to mention I picked some of those up too) and peanut butter. We also tried out the rice bran crackers and were pleasantly surprised that they were actually edible.

I forgot to mention for breakfast we had hot Oat Bran cereal with organic, unsweetened applesauce, cinammon and raisins. It was decent. For dinner we had a veggie stir fry with some gluten & wheat free pasta that I'm in love with! I love this pasta so much more than the whole grain pasta...woot! woot! Found a new thing! It tastes just like regular pasta without the heavy bloat. Score! I was quite impressed with my veggie stir fry concoction. The Hubster dealt with it as much as a meat loving man can. In his words, "It's delicious, especially if it was a side dish to a big juicy steak." He is currently crashed out on the couch, he's been there for about 2 hrs now. I'm beginning to wonder if he's just going to stay that way until the week is over. He loves his meat and fast food, gotta love the guy for giving yet another one of my crazy ideas a try! Before he drifted off into la la land, which I'm sure is a steak house or burger joint, he said, "I should have married a fat woman!" I'm still giggling about that one.

All in all, day 1 went by much better than I expected. I have not experienced any caffeine withdrawal headaches, yet... hopefully won't. I caught myself on a couple of things, I threw a big sugary piece of gum in my mouth this morning...oops! I also forgot to check out the dressing I planned on using on the stir fry, the main ingredient was Parmesan..oops! The Hubster caught that one as I was about to drown the veggies in it. The damn soy sauce had high fructose corn syrup in it.. WTH? That crap is in everything! So I've got yet another short list of stuff to get at the store tomorrow, although I'm thinking about putting my family into lockdown until this Swine Flu goes away.

I'm feeling really good about the coffee-less early mornings. I don't think that's going to be a problem, it's the time from 7am (when I get home from the gym) until 8pm (when I'm yearning for my bed) that I'm worried about.

If I could have anything right now it would be my bed, and luckily it's not on the doomed list!

Turns out Oprah's crazy too!!

As I was crunching on some carrot sticks and organizing some meals for the next couple of days, I came across one of Oprah's blogs from when she did this cleanse! Hooray, I'm not alone and of all people it's Oprah! Looks like my little found book was actually a pretty big deal on Oprah last year... phew, it's safe.

Here's the link:

Back to carrot munching...

8:16 am Day 1 of Absolute Craziness

Getting up and into the gym wasn't as hard as I thought it was.. yipee! I still rocked it on the treadmill and bent the hell out of myself in yoga class. Today's class seemed pretty tough but I'm sure it has nothing to do with my lack of's not for wimps, that's all there is to it!

So far my biggest obstacle with this cleanse is steering my body from automatically going to the coffee pot to turn it on. I've caught myself twice in full on motion to turn it on, maybe I should put it away for the week. Other than that things are well (it is only 8:20).

I've had numerous people ask me what the heck am I going to eat and my answer is NOTHING!

Actually, I've got what I think is a pretty yummy menu planned out, I'm sure The Hubster will beg to differ. We may be gnawing on each other's arms by Thursday! I will post what we eat, expect loads of veggies and fruits!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mission Impossible?

Do,do,do,do, do do do dooooooo, do do do do do
Actually, that's more like The Final Countdown by Europe, but you get my drift.

This might be crazy, but then again this might not be since I was the one who got rid of TV, right? I guess I should conclude that we now have an antenna and get a lot of basic channels thanks to my Mother-in-law. She came and stayed with us for about a week and jumped on the opportunity to get some TV-ness up in here when we came across a $9.00 antenna at Walmart. Neither of us expected the beauty and clarity of the channels the antenna produces, it really is very impressive. I must say that my plan worked like a charm, I hardly ever waste away in front of the TV!

Ok, back to the Impossible Mission. The Hubster and I are going to do a body cleanse starting tomorrow. The main goal of the cleanse is to stick it out for 21 days. Our personal goals are to stick it out for a week. If you're thinking that shouldn't be too hard, let me tell ya what we're cutting out of our diets:

  • Sugar
  • (yep, I said typed it)
  • Alcohol
  • (shouldn't be too hard unless the Mommy Group gets a hold of me)
  • Caffeine
  • (this is the impossible part)
  • Gluten
  • (eh...)
  • Animal Products
  • (no dairy, no nothin'!)

    Why are we doing this?! I totally believe what the author of the book, Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston, says about giving your body a break from having to process these types of food so it can dig deeper into it's closets (fat cells and muscles) and get rid of junk.

    I've decided to get me back in the grove of blogging that I would blog about how we're doing each day. I have a feeling it will mostly be about me complaining about how tired and crabby I am without my caffeine. How am I ever going to get out the door and into the gym at 5am without my coffee?!?

    Guess we shall see...


    Helloooooooooooooo!!!! oooooo, ooooooo, oooooo (echo)

    Making sure I remember how to post on here...

    Need to clean the cobwebs and get this thing running again!