Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Jackie Show!

I've always thought it would be fun to be a morning DJ on a radio show. They always seem to have so much fun and who wouldn't love to listen to me ramble out my opinions on everything or share some of my crazy views on life? I do know, from the days of having to wake up at 4:30am to open a gym, that working that early in the morning makes you kind of crazy and you feel like you're not really involved with the "normal" world. Your schedule is just different, anyone who works the night shift totally understands that.

I have entered the crazy early morning world again by going to the gym nice and early, 5:15-ish early. That means on my way home I have a huge variety of morning radio shows to choose from. Of course there's the Kid Kraddick Show but sometimes they just annoy the crap out of me. Aren't Al & Kelly supposed to be gone by now? Yeah, yeah, Al's a man whore and Kelly is a whiny bitch and Shannon is a mean dike.. *yawn*. The one I've enjoyed the most so far is the Bob & Tom Show that's locally broadcasted on 101.25. They can get somewhat raunchy but to be honest, I don't even really pay attention to what they're saying, it's the way they laugh. There's a guy on there (have no idea which one he is) that has the best laugh ever. It's a loud, manly & kind of scratchy, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!" When he's laughing you know this man thinks it's hilarious and he feels it through his whole body, it's great! Every time he laughs I can't help but laugh and really hard, feels so good!

So I guess I need to work on my laugh and brush up on my opinions... oh and I guess I need to actually find a show that would even consider hiring little ol' me.


Rachel E. said...

Hey, you should listen to Bob and Sheri on 94.5 info fm. I like them, they talk about normal stuff, and they make it pretty funny.

herding: Um, really? This is an actual word with an actual definition. BOOOO-RRRING! So here's my sentence:

I am totally herding right now after working out this morning....

Sandra said...

Bob & Tom rule!

Ashley said...

I totally have a job for you! Chris, Russ and I are looking to do a womens talk show, so if you want in holla!