Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cake Dreams or Diaper Nightmares!

I have volunteered to make a diaper cake for my Sister-in-law's baby shower. I'm pretty stoked about it and have told numerous people that I'll either hate making it when it's done or start my own business!

Most people that know me well know that I have some of the craziest dreams ever! I honestly don't know how I get any rest at night. My dreams are always so stressful. Last night's dream was about the diaper cake. Instead of a baby shower the in-law siblings of mine were getting married. I was at the ceremony and I thought I had hours to get the diaper cake ready for the reception. When the ceremony ended my mother reminded me that the reception was in an hour and that she was leaving to get on a plane back to Tucson. I FREAKED the "F" out and begged and pleaded with her to stay and help me finish the cake. She of course stayed, she's my mom after all.

We ran to the local HEB and went directly to the wedding cake section (all grocery stores have wedding cake sections, right?) There was a group of gay men who I somehow knew really well, they resembled the mice on the movie Ratatouille, and were very eager to help me out. I had already formed the three layers of the cake, which I was carrying with me, with rolled diapers and just basically needed decorations. BUT it was now a wedding reception and I decided the diapers needed to be wrapped in cake, wedding type cake! Luckily HEB sold layers of wedding cakes by the bag, there were ten sizes in it and fairly inexpensive (HEB might want to look into something like this...just saying). My mom and I started to form the cake around the diapers and it was working out really well. I went to get some icing and decorations (we were doing this in the grocery store) when it hit me that this is a diaper cake, not a wedding cake. Surely my Sister-in-law had ordered some extravagant cake for her wedding. You're supposed to see the diapers on diaper cakes, duh! I ran back to my mom and explained my realization but she wasn't convinced. She said I should leave it with the cake on there because she tried the whole diaper thing with some hash browns and it just didn't work out very well.
Umm... ok, makes sense I guess.

That was it. I woke up because I had to pee really bad and was so relieved that my non-existent diaper cake wasn't covered in wedding type cake and that I had a week to get it done.. phew!


Sandra said...

I have crazy dreams too so you are not alone. The other day Matt actually told me to stop telling him about a dream because it was wierding him out too much.

Fennells said...

Jackie that dream is too funny! You'll have to post a picture of your diaper cake. One of my students made one for one of my showers and I had never seen one before. I LOVED it!!!!

Chelle said...

Soooo how did the diaper cake turn out? I would love to see pictures!