Saturday, February 14, 2009

Conversation Hearts (yummy!)

It's that day again! Valentines Day. Some people hate it and some people just love it so much. I'm sort of in between those people. If you really think about it, it truly is a Hallmark Holiday. BUT, it is nice to have a special day to pay special attention to your loved ones.

This Valentine's Day will be very simple in our household. We have basically forgotten about it with everything that is going on. The Hubster and I now write each other letters instead of buying cards (to help make it more personal) so we'll probably exchange those and there might be a kiss in there somewhere.

My daughter is running around hyper off her new found crack: Conversation Hearts.

So, out of love for those wonderful little candies I thought I'd share a funny conversation I had with her the other day about my new found love. I have become obsessed with the new Camaro. That damn car is so hot that I just about cream my pants every time I come across one! I get my love for cars from the Pops.. cars are definitely his reason for living (besides his family of course).

So the other day I had us loaded up in the Tahoe and we driving down the street. I was on the hunt for some rental properties. All of sudden, in the distance, I saw the grill of a new Camaro coming my way. It was the 3rd one I'd seen in the past couple of days. After letting out a lusting groan as it passed me, I had decided the Car Gods were teasing me! Here is where the conversation started:

Camaro: Vrooooooommmmmmmmmmm (driving past us)

Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want, I want!

**Silence** (as I watched it disappear in my mirror)

Me: They're teasing me Emma Anne(my almost 2 yr old daughter)! I must have one! They know I want one, that car was made for me, and you too! Do you know how cool it would be if I dropped you off at school in one of those cars? They'd all be like, "here comes Emma Anne and her badass mom!"

Emma Anne: Mommy!
(as if she's saying, "get serious woman!")

Me: Don't you want your mommy to pick you up in a badass car?

Emma Anne: No.
(shaking her head.)

Me: Are you serious? Don't you think it would be so very awesome if we had one of those?

Emma Anne (exaggerated): Ohhh, Mommy!
(as if saying, "you're a lost cause woman.. get a grip!")

I couldn't help but laugh as I wondered, this is my child isn't it? Did she not get the attention loving trait that has been passed down through so many generations?


Katy said...

Happy Vday to you! What a neat idea that you and your hubby exchange letters, what a neat idea! I wanted a camaro soooo bad in high school but haven't seen a new one yet. I'm thinking that it would be as easy to get Emma Anne and her baby gear into a Camaro as it is a tahoe!!

Ashley said...

Happy Valentines Day! That is so sweet that you right each other letters. And I'm sure Emma Anne will gain the love for cars and attention you have, just give her time, lol.