Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whoopsie Wednesday!

This Whatever Wednesday has been temporarily changed to Whoopsie Wednesday for the very reason that I made a couple of mistakes yesterday. One not so bad- we'll live, and the other... well, it could have been bad, REALLY bad.

The not so bad mistake was instead of Tips & Tricks Tuesday I did a This & That Tuesday. It's supposed to be This & That Thursday...Whoopsie!

As far as the other mistake goes, well.... I almost killed my family! Stupid really is as stupid does!
I decided to have a fire yesterday evening. I was tired of being cold and also tired of the high electric bills so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone (on a killing spree here) with a nice cozy fire. Who doesn't like a nice cozy fire? It warmed us up right away and although it gave me a hard time until I could call it a "roaring" fire, we enjoyed it. We went about our nightly routines. It was probably around 10pm that the stupidness creeped up on me and took over. I had drifted to sleep and woke up when the heater came on and made my bedroom door shut. Instantly I started thinking about the chimney flue being open and how all the warm air was escaping through it. So I dragged my intoxicated with stupidness self to the fireplace and even witnessed some areas where the fire wasn't completely out but stupidly shut the flue anyway! I then went on my merry, stupid way back to bed. I had taken a sleeping pill because I've been suffering from worrying in the middle of the night and haven't been getting any rest. Maybe, just maybe, that explains why I became so stupid. I fell asleep instantly while the fireplace filled my beloved home with poisonous smoke. Luckily the Hubster was still up because he had taken a nap during the roaring fire session (cozy fire + full tummy will get him every time). He was spending time on his computer in our office. I woke up to him coughing down the hall as he went to investigate what the hell was going one. I jumped to my feet to tell him to "OPEN THE FLUE!!!" I don't know what made me smarter all of a sudden, I guess the smell of smoke and my spouse coughing. He started laughing because even he realized what a stupid thing I had done. He instantly started opening windows and fanned the backdoor for awhile. The heater started to work overtime since it was only 30 something degrees (there goes my effort to save money on the electric bill). We ended up turning the heater off and leaving the windows open for a good half hour to 45mins. Then the heater did it's job for the rest of the night to reheat our home and crank up the electric bill...*sigh*.

So now my house smells like a campfire and I'm sure there will be Realtors lined up at the door to show it today.

I've got a big, nervous pit in my stomach and am scared at what a stupid mistake I had made. What if the Hubster wasn't home? I can't be even more stupid and think like that. I'm so thankful that the worst part of it is that my house smells.

That's a great big Whoopsie for this Wednesday... hopefully the biggest (and last one to do with a fire) that I'll ever make!


Rachel E. said...

Don't worry, I almost burned my house down involved a roast, my stove, leaving the house and returning to find a house full of smoke that stunk the place out for weeks. Fun stuff!

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Sandra said...

Silly Jackie, that is a whoopsie. I am glad he was up and everyone is ok though.