Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whatever Wednesday - The Visitors

Ok so it's Wednesday, what shall our theme be today? Since I don't have anything wacky, or wordless (I don't think I could ever be wordless) or anything in particular in the wonderful department (besides my beautiful daughter) I figured we'd go with.... Whatever!

So for this Whatever Wednesday I'm going to share a story about people coming to see our house that we put on the market a couple of weeks ago. This actually happened last night.

The Visitors

Last night while I was getting Emma Anne out of the tub I heard my cellphone ring. I figured it was my mom or someone else that I could call back. I took Emma Anne in her room and we did our nightly routine. About 10 mins later the hubby peeks in her room and urgently whispers, "Someone wants to show the house!" I then noticed the sound of a Diesel Truck in front of our home. "Where are they?" I whispered back, confused. "Here! Should I tell them to come back tomorrow?" Knowing how frustrating it is when sellers don't let buyers see their houses and remembering that I heard the phone ring, probably a call to let us know they were coming, I told him to go ahead and let them in but to please ask them not to come in Emma Anne's room. If she sees people she'll get so excited and want to visit. You should have seen her when the plumber came yesteday! Plus, I was in no way all! I mean I wasn't butt naked or anything, but that might have been better. So he went away to tend to them while Emma Anne proceeded to bring me every book she owned and while I sunk in the chair thinking about how messy the house was. My mind was scanning the house remembering that our bed wasn't made, dinner was still on the stove, at least the bathrooms were Ok, that was a relief. Luckily Emma Anne and I cleaned up her toys before her bath. Here we are again.. the house is a mess and someone shows up to see the house!

I heard the door chimes from the front door then after awhile I heard the backdoor chimes (from our alarm system) and instantly wondered about Sebastian, our 90lb Doberman. But I had to let the hubby take care of it, and thankfully he did. He went out there and held Sebastian while they looked around. He wouldn't hurt them as long as were around but he would definitely lick them to death. Then they all came back in and I heard low chit chat for what seemed like forever! Emma Anne went thru her books over and over again. She kept looking at me like, "Ok, let's get this show on the road, what are you still doing here?" and would go to her crib and try to climb in (something I never ever thought I'd see her do looking back on our days of Sleep Training). Eventually I was about to lose it. As parents we all know how time stands still during story time before bed. I wanted out and I wanted to know what was going on and I wanted to get my daughter to bed. AND my book was waiting for me, the last book of a ridiculously addictive series that I was ridiculously obsessed with! I turned off her sound machine so I could try to hear what was being said as I started to wonder if they were waiting for me to come out. That was the only reason I could think of why they would still be there. Surely they're not waiting for me, what do they want with me? The hubby would have come in if they wanted to speak to me, what do they want with frizzy hair, no makeup, sloppy clothes ME?? It had been a good half hour since I heard the first door chime announcing their entrance. That might not seem like that long of time to someone who wasn't stuck in their daughter's room while strangers went through their house judging every nook and cranny!

Finally, I heard the hubby tell them to have a good night and to drive safe. Finally, my freedom was near! I quickly turned off the lights and ran to the window to see what the visitors looked like. Who were these people? Then they walked into my view, all 4 of them plus a Realtor I had met before in my adventures as a Realtor Assistant. They stood in front of the house pointing at different features of my lovely home. I knew the house would not fail me. Even if I didn't keep up my end of the bargain by keeping it tidy, I knew the house would present itself well. I love this house and all it has to offer. They stood out there for a good 5-10 mins while I tried to figure out which of the two women went with which of the two men. Maybe parents helping their Daughter and Son-in-law find their first house? I wanted to shout out the window, "This is a perfect home to start your family!!" almost getting choked up at the thought of it and then realizing I might scare them (which would have been hilarious but I better keep my pranks to non potential buyers). Plus my daughter was trying her damndest to get up to the window so she could be a Super- Secret Agent- Super Spy like her mommy.

They finally got in their cars, the Realtor's sleek black car and the loud diesel truck, and drove off, probably to the house for sale around the corner. I put my wanna-be spy to bed and scurried to get the low down from the hubby who was in the office. He told me how they LOVED the house and were giving me tons of compliments on how it was decorated and what a great homemaker I was, especially for having a kid (I couldn't help but LOVE these people instantly). "Did they love the house because You, the owner, were here or did they actually LOVE the house?" I asked knowing that when you're looking at houses and the sellers are present you feel a sudden obligation to gush about how wonderful their house is even if you're thinking, "this is hideous!!" I know because I've been there.. a couple of times. The hubby responded with a careless shrug, "I don't know," and then went on to say, "I told them they were more then welcome to come back tomorrow when you had time to make it spotless for them and to see it in the day but they were more interested in knowing if the nursery was the same size room as the others."
"Hmmmm, sounds like they really were interested," I responded as I left the office to go see just how messy the house was. It wasn't that bad but could have definitely been better.

I finished up my nightly chores wondering if this was the first house the visitors had looked at. That would explain all the excitement they seemed to have. I also wondered if I would hear anything from them again, would they come back? Would they make an offer? "Only time will tell." I reassured myself as I surrendered myself to my book for the night.


Katy said...

I remember having to keep our house semi presentable from May - Aug when our house in Riesel was on the market. It was a pain in the booty! I hope that your house sells quickly. I also know how bittersweet it is leaving the house where you started a faimly. That was also our Riesel house :)

Ashley said...

Good luck! I hope they really did love it (i'm sure they did though) and come back for more!