Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Waiting Game

While I wait for the Turkey Burgers & Sweet Potato fries to cook I thought I'd pop on here and ramble about our current situation which is basically a whole bunch of waiting!

We are waiting to hear if the people got the house they made an offer on because our house is their second choice. The first choice has multiple offers on it right now so all we can do is wait.

We are waiting to hear about the Hubster's job. He went to a "Welcome to Verizon" meeting today to learn very little. He got a voicemail from a lady who claims he is now on her team but when he returned the call he got her voicemail so now all we can do is wait.

We will be waiting for the mail all next week because a letter confirming the Hubster's job and salary will be arriving some time next week so all we can do is wait.

We are hoping that when the Hubster's new boss calls him back she will give him more information but we won't know until she calls so all we can do is wait.

Patience has never been a quality of mine.


Rachel E. said...

waiting sucks, that ain't no lie.

descoul: "Hey man, descoul."
"What, waiting? Naw, man, it ain't"

Katy said...

Waiting really is hard and the minutes and hours can seem extra long :( I hope everything works out the way you guys want it to!