Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Greatest Invention Ever!

This one is even better than my Lawn Vacuum except I can't figure out how to actually invent it....

"The Thumb Cam! It's so high tech it will blow your mind and so easy to use! When you see something worthy of being captured for all time, point your thumb and click! Ta da!
The Thumb Cam is ALWAYS ready for a picture or video with infinite storage space. No more "thumbing" around your purse looking for your camera only to have to wait for it to turn on AND then ready itself for it's task while the moment you were hoping to catch slips away. The Thumb Cam, everything you always wanted in a camera and more!"

Now you see where my problems lies. It's a great idea but how do I actually invent this? How do I get a camera in my thumb?? I chose the thumb because you can manipulate it into more angles then the rest of the fingers, plus thumbs aren't fingers, are they? =)

I was reminded of this invention, that I've been wanting for quite some time now, when my cat curled up to my brush that my darling daughter left on the floor. He started to brush himself and was in heaven. I can't even explain how he did it really and knew if I got up to grab the camera that he would stop or would be done by the time I got the camera ready. The thumb cam would have worked wonderfully and I would now have a video to show yall.

Now I know some of you are thinking a cellphone could work but mine always has an "insufficient memory" warning and I have come to realize that I will never delete enough pics. When I do get a good shot the quality is not what it could be.

So maybe if I put this out there someone, like a camera obsessed Surgeon, will see this and produce this fabulous thing. I mean there's a lot of people with little machines and metal in them helping them live their lives. It could work.. I'm telling you, it really could.

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Ashley said...

The thumb cam would rock! *Here's to hoping* LOL