Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye Obsession.. Hello Organizing!

As you can see with the theme of my posts today, I am a Twi junkie (the other two posts were drafts that I had written awhile ago and felt it was time to set them free). I breathed, slept, dreamt, ate & bathed in the Twilight Series. Sadly though, my obsession is coming to an end. I can feel it slipping from my grasp as I move onto something else...Organizing (woo hoo!) Only the crazy life of a 31 yr old wife and mommy could make such a drastic change: Gorgeous Vampire Affairs to Tubs of Clutter. I was deeply saddened as I could feel the importance of the Cullen's in my life start to diminish, but before I get admitted into an insane asylum or get served with divorce papers, I must move on. (Or at least until the next movie, New Moon comes out!)


Rachel E. said...

Aaahhh, congratulations on moving forward with de-cluttering. Luckily, if you get addicted to that, you can come de-clutter my house and we'll keep ya busy forever!

Kristen :) said...

Did you find a way to watch True Blood?? If you love Twilight, you will REALLY love True Blood!!!! :)

Kristen :) said...

Did you find a way to watch True Blood? You will LOVE it!!!!!