Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gettin' Crazy up in here!

Yep, I think I have officially lost my mind or maybe I'm becoming smarter?

Today is the day that we are going to get rid of our cable! *Gasp!*

What on earth are you thinking?
We spend way too much time being screen sucked by the TV.

What will you do??
I have no clue, we'll probably just stare at each other wondering why the hell we got rid of our cable. Actually, I plan to fill in the extra time with books, music, and actual activity.. we're talking exercise folks!

Are you going to get one of those Digital Converter Boxes?
Nope.. screw the boxes. We're roughing it baby! We're not going to have any TV except for the life saving Diego & Dora DVD's. We have a butt load of Movies and maybe we'll actually use some of our workout DVD's! What a concept!

Have you lost your mind?
Maybe, but I just have to see if there's something else out there, beyond the TV screen. This won't be permanent, I love my TV shows, but for now it's something we must accomplish.

Will you keep us posted on how it's going without TV?
You bet your knickers I will, I will probably be on here more often getting screen sucked by the laptop. I'm quite a bit addicted to screen sucking. If feels so darn good!


Rachel E. said...

Wow, do we need to have a TV funeral for you? I can wear black and sing a dirge.

You might guess we're not getting rid of our shows any time soon...David just bought a 42in. flat-screen LCD! So if you need a little fix, let me know what to DVR and you can come here. Hee hee...

gondeas: Jackie's TV is gondeas...let's all say a little prayer for her.

Sandra said...

I have lived without cable for almost 2 years now, so I know it can be done. But NO TV is insanity. I thought you were insane and you have proved it. Good luck and tell Emma she will be in our thoughts.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the prayers ladies! I may need them!