Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday... Miracle on The Hudson!

I am so thankful for this miracle. I do not know anyone personally who was in this plane crash, although the Today Show is doing a great job at interviewing many of them. Tears streamed down my face as they talked to a couple who were still clutching their two children for dear life as they tried to explain the moments they thought might be their last. I cannot even imagine the fear they went through. I'm scared to death that someone is going to steal my child from me at the damn grocery store and here these people were crashing into a river!

Another reason I'm thankful for this miracle is because they are actually going on and on about a good thing that has happened in the news. I had stopped watching the news because it was so depressing and if anything good was reported it was short lived so they could get back to exhausting the bad stuff. No, it wasn't necessarily good that the plane crashed, but it was wonderful that everyone came out alive!

I wish I had the money and the knowledge to start a news show that only reported GOOD news, inspirational news, feel good stuff. Sadly "Jackie's Wonderfully Fabulous News of the Day" probably wouldn't last long seeing that the most watched shows are CSI, Law & Order and all the other murder, mayhem, and crime type shows out there. What happened to the days when everyone gathered around the boob tube (what a name!) to watch shows like Who's the Boss & Family Ties?

Instead of watching the news and wishing I could barricade my home, I can watch the news this morning and be reminded that miracles do exist and there are heroes out there! That, my dahlings, is FABULOUS!!

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Rachel E. said...

It really is amazing! I totally want that dude flying my plane! I'm sure it woulda been so terrifying! Makes you kinda not want to fly anymore...

I'm with you..I'm glad they're reporting something positive as well. Although the Today show isn't as bad as the local news, that's fo sho...they usually have a couple of upbeat segments, at least.

intopr: Jibberish, man. It's just jibberish..