Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin (pie??) Eater!

So far we're actually surviving without the TV, who would have thunk it??
I do have to admit that I tried to cheat the other day. I was going to take a shower and our usual routine BTE (Before TV Execution) was to close our bedroom door and turn our TV on to some cartoons to keep Miss Sassy Pants entertained. The day after the cable was turned off I went to turn on the TV, out of habit, and found nothing but white noise (static.) Before I started hearing voices in it (I will forever hate that damn movie), I quickly turned the channel to the next, then the next, and so on. I came across some spanish stations trying their best to fight thru the static so I figured I'd use the nifty menu tool to find any possible channels. It found 4. Of course some 24hr news channel comes in perfectly clear and there is what seems to be an old movie channel that comes in pretty clear (that one has been filed in the back of my head.. just in case I need it) and some Telemundo channel. The one I was glad to find was one of the local channels. It was time for the Rachael Ray show, I figured she was entertaining enough, but something wasn't right. The more I watched it the more I realized that it was the Rachael Ray show I was looking at but I was listening to another channel that had some guy giving a Sermon.. he was teaching the word of God. As Rachael so lovingly poured what looked to be Alfredo Sauce over some noodles the man yelled, "The Devil is near & God has spoken!!" He sounded a little too upset for me and Emma Anne seemed to be a little too interested so I quickly turned the TV off and closed the cabinet doors and haven't opened them since.

Ok, I get it.. no more cheating!

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