Saturday, January 24, 2009

7 Reasons Edward Cullen wouldn't hang with me:

(assuming I was a 17 yr old Forks High School student)

1. I'm too darn good looking ;) He obviously doesn't like really pretty girls (although I think Bella is really pretty actually).
2. I often have diarrhea of the mouth and probably would have told the whole school about him.. I probably would have got on the loud speaker.. yep he would have killed me for sure!
3. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. The first time he admitted to wanting to kill me I probably would have passed out (no matter how damn good looking he is) and he would have just went ahead with the blood sucking.
4. I can't handle heights.. one trip up a tree and I'd be a goner.. again, he'd just go on with the blood sucking.
5. I would probably admit that he sometimes reminds me of Luke Perry (as Dylan) on Beverly Hills 90210.
6. I worry too much, he probably would have put himself on Xanax after reading my mind.
7. I would probably pass gas or scratch my ass while he was watching me sleep. (personal space dude!)

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Rachel E. said...

That's too funny, Jackie. Man, you really are a little, ahem, infatuated with the teen dream vamp. But don't you know, if he loved you, he couldn't read your mind, so at least you'd be safe on that one...

dylls: Edward Cullen's "pet name" for Jackie. :)