Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in Business!

This post is being brought to you by the new laptop. The Hubster braved the cold, blistery weather (ok, so it wasn't that bad) and went and picked up my new victim companion. So far so good! We're getting along just fine.

Wish us lots of luck.. we're going to need it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another one bites the dust.. and another one's gone.. and another one's gone....

The Wrath Of Computer Killing Jackie continues! Somehow, while I was being very careful not to break the Hubster's work laptop, I was attacked by an anti-virus destroying virus! The poor, little, old laptop had no chance against it.. especially with me in control. So needless to say yet another laptop is off to the Computer Hospital thanks to me.

I believe the universe is speaking to me... "Get the F%#k off the computers, Jackie, and do something with yourself!"

"Ok.. I get it."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Goody, It's Me! Me! Me! Monday!!

Ok, so this one was titled: 1,2,3 but I don't see why. It should have been titled:

Lame Random Questions

Are you shy?
Not so much

Who last called you babe or baby?
The Hubster

Who was the last person you had a conversation with?
My Darling Daughter, if you can call it a conversatation.

Are you talkative?
Sometimes too much!

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a K?
Ummmm.... In a dream I did.

Have you ever kissed in the rain?
I think so.. must not have been that great, huh?

Does anyone hate you?
Why on earth would anyone hate me???

Are you happy with life right now?

What color is your hair?
Dark Brown with sprouts of grey and some red where the dye is fading.. sounds lovely!

Are you waiting for anyone to call right now?
Yes, my boss telling me that someone has made a full price offer on our house! =)

Have you ever regretted anything?
Sure have

Who or what is on your mind right now?
Some of the things I regret... thanks!

Do you miss how things used to be?
Certain things, sure.

Are you starting to realize anything?
Yeah, being in your 30's can actually be cool! (yes I know... crazy talk here)

Last person you saw other than your family?
Check out guy at the Grocery Store

Have you done anything embarrassing lately?
Oh I'm sure but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Could you ever be friends with someone who broke your heart?

Have you ever written anything on a bathroom wall or door?
Yes, even a basketball pole (got caught for that one!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin (pie??) Eater!

So far we're actually surviving without the TV, who would have thunk it??
I do have to admit that I tried to cheat the other day. I was going to take a shower and our usual routine BTE (Before TV Execution) was to close our bedroom door and turn our TV on to some cartoons to keep Miss Sassy Pants entertained. The day after the cable was turned off I went to turn on the TV, out of habit, and found nothing but white noise (static.) Before I started hearing voices in it (I will forever hate that damn movie), I quickly turned the channel to the next, then the next, and so on. I came across some spanish stations trying their best to fight thru the static so I figured I'd use the nifty menu tool to find any possible channels. It found 4. Of course some 24hr news channel comes in perfectly clear and there is what seems to be an old movie channel that comes in pretty clear (that one has been filed in the back of my head.. just in case I need it) and some Telemundo channel. The one I was glad to find was one of the local channels. It was time for the Rachael Ray show, I figured she was entertaining enough, but something wasn't right. The more I watched it the more I realized that it was the Rachael Ray show I was looking at but I was listening to another channel that had some guy giving a Sermon.. he was teaching the word of God. As Rachael so lovingly poured what looked to be Alfredo Sauce over some noodles the man yelled, "The Devil is near & God has spoken!!" He sounded a little too upset for me and Emma Anne seemed to be a little too interested so I quickly turned the TV off and closed the cabinet doors and haven't opened them since.

Ok, I get it.. no more cheating!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye Obsession.. Hello Organizing!

As you can see with the theme of my posts today, I am a Twi junkie (the other two posts were drafts that I had written awhile ago and felt it was time to set them free). I breathed, slept, dreamt, ate & bathed in the Twilight Series. Sadly though, my obsession is coming to an end. I can feel it slipping from my grasp as I move onto something else...Organizing (woo hoo!) Only the crazy life of a 31 yr old wife and mommy could make such a drastic change: Gorgeous Vampire Affairs to Tubs of Clutter. I was deeply saddened as I could feel the importance of the Cullen's in my life start to diminish, but before I get admitted into an insane asylum or get served with divorce papers, I must move on. (Or at least until the next movie, New Moon comes out!)

What Twilight's Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson & Bella Swan can teach the world.

I've read quite a few blogs and whatevers about how the Twilight series is ruining the world.. (oh the horror!). I've read both sides.. the men who are so tired of hearing "why can't you be more like Edward" and the women who are terrified that the little girls of the world are going to give themselves to just any Vampire out there.

Let me say this to those hating being compared to Edward.. your significant others are wanting attention.. give it to them. Take lessons from Mr. Cullen. Sure, nobody can be just like him but here you have an example, hundreds of pages, of what your significant other is craving. When my husband is drooling over pictures of Denise Richards it doesn't help me much because he's not drooling over things she actually does. Maybe things are getting boring, play it up a bit. If you're not paying attention to him/her then why shouldn't they drool over Edward Cullen? Unless of course your significant other is crazy and obsessed and is asking you to wear an Edward Cullen mask (please let me know where you found one!!), then you may need to find another significant other- unless of course you're into crazy people.

As far as the worried women out there.. that's simple! Teach your little girls/ young women better than that, teach them to be strong, to be smart when it comes to men. Make sure they know the difference between fiction and reality and by all means teach them to make sure it's a vegetarian vampire they are dealing with!

After reading the whole series, including the unfinished rough draft of Midnight Sun (Edward's version of Twilight), I actually think this desirable couple has a lot to teach the world and I'm going to to tell you about it.

First you have Bella who is just your ordinary girl, nothing fancy. She doesn't want attention and freaks out when she gets it. Edward, himself, stated (in Midnight Sun) that at first he thought of her as just an ordinary girl and didn't really see what the big deal was UNTIL she became a challenge. Once she became a challenge, she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, he was totally consumed by her and stayed that way because she remained a mystery. There lies lessons 1 & 2:
1. Your personality makes you hot or NOT. I have met way too many people who are gorgeous, as far as looks go, but so damn ugly once they start to talk. I can't tell you how many "ordinary" looking people become gorgeous once I got to know them. Robert Pattinson is a great example. To me, he often looks like he needs to take a shower but once I saw how silly, quirky, and interesting he is (after watching a million inteviews of him) he became quite appealing. He is one of those people who can't stop talking, like myself, so his personality often comes out during inteviews.
2. Don't be an open book. Let them fall in love with who you truly are, not what you can do for them. When you go and sleep with a person on the first date why should you expect them to stay interested? He/She already knows everything they care to and they move on. You have taken all mystery out of it, you've made it boring. Sure if you're a good lay they might come back around but for only one thing. Don't be like the million other girl's who do it just like you, a whore who's nothing more. (Paramore Rocks!)

Then you have Edward who had been alone for far too long but didn't settle for anything. Here lies the next lesson:
3. Good things really do come to those who wait. If he had not waited for someone special then nobody would be "that" special to him. If he just did whatever with whoever he wouldn't have cared to have the strength to be around Bella. Every touch and every word wouldn't be as special because he probably would have already said them to someone else. You're an amazing, very special person... don't give yourself to anyone who doesn't deserve that! Just a spoken word, or the simplest touch should be the most amazing experience to your admirer and there lies the next lesson:
4. Don't rush into all the physical stuff. We all anticipated every touch Edward and Bella had and sometimes they were barely touches. I thought I was going to fall off my bed when they almost did "it" and that was after how many hundreds of pages???

So there's my spin on all that!

7 Reasons Edward Cullen wouldn't hang with me:

(assuming I was a 17 yr old Forks High School student)

1. I'm too darn good looking ;) He obviously doesn't like really pretty girls (although I think Bella is really pretty actually).
2. I often have diarrhea of the mouth and probably would have told the whole school about him.. I probably would have got on the loud speaker.. yep he would have killed me for sure!
3. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. The first time he admitted to wanting to kill me I probably would have passed out (no matter how damn good looking he is) and he would have just went ahead with the blood sucking.
4. I can't handle heights.. one trip up a tree and I'd be a goner.. again, he'd just go on with the blood sucking.
5. I would probably admit that he sometimes reminds me of Luke Perry (as Dylan) on Beverly Hills 90210.
6. I worry too much, he probably would have put himself on Xanax after reading my mind.
7. I would probably pass gas or scratch my ass while he was watching me sleep. (personal space dude!)

Friday, January 23, 2009

WTF is going on?? Or actually a big fat OOPS!!

Ok, so the Hubster often jokes about me being a clutz and I just don't see it. I don't fall often (now I will) and I don't stumble around so I have no idea what the hell he's talking about.. well until last night. I was oh so carefully carrying my beloved laptop to the counter and right before my eyes it fell to the ground.. the hard, cold, tile covered ground. ""Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Of course I and my overly dramatic daughter (have no clue where she gets it from) started howling, "Oh Noooo!!". As I rushed it to the Hubster, I dropped my stomach in the hallway when I noticed the screen was all F'd up. Granted it was still playing the song I had just uploaded.. Hey there Delilah, by Plain White T's..."oh what you do to meeee... oh Laptop.. what you do to meeee" He heard the urgency in my voice and greeted me with a "WTF is going on??" look on his face. He scooped the laptop from my shaking hands. I tried to go back to the kitchen to act strong and start our dinner. I almost tripped over my stomach on the way back but I just left it there. I went about making dinner and every now and then would let out a sighing wail when the sight of the crash would cross my mind. "waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

The Hubster researched and did all the things that he does best to fix the problem. He definitely goes by the saying, "If Mama aint happy, aint nobody happy!" (yes I know you grammar freaks, Smuggle, are cringing at that one!) We've been in this place before when our wonderfully, beautiful daughter broke the laptop by pushing an enormous amount of keys all at once and about a gazillion times. I drove him absolutely crazy while the laptop was in the computer hospital. I talked his head off, I vented and ranted and raved to him about every little thing that he could care less about. I did everything to him that I would normally do on the laptop. I even tried to get him to play songs for me.. didn't work. So he probably has more urgency to get the laptop fixed than I do.. nah. He quickly offered me his work laptop and even offered to spend his Best Buy Gift Cards, that he won in a contest, to buy me a new one. I couldn't help but laugh because I knew he was doing everything in his power not to "go there" again.

I took away the TV and then my beloved Laptop jumps out of my arms... WTF is going on???

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Day

So I'm considering this as the first day of being unplugged. We still have cable but the box for the living room is in the Tahoe waiting to be taken back to the Cable Box Orphanage (hmmmm... shouldn't have said that, might make me keep it) and we still have the cable in the bedroom BUT I'm not using it. Well, except for the emergency moment when i was on the phone with my buddy Smuggle and Emma Anne was pushing me to the very edge of the cliff I sometimes imagine jumping off.

This morning was weird because one of the first things I do when I wake up (besides cussing out the world) is turn on the TV. It kind of felt like we were all alone, like we had been left behind. This afternoon might be rough because that's when most of the TV watching takes place...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gettin' Crazy up in here!

Yep, I think I have officially lost my mind or maybe I'm becoming smarter?

Today is the day that we are going to get rid of our cable! *Gasp!*

What on earth are you thinking?
We spend way too much time being screen sucked by the TV.

What will you do??
I have no clue, we'll probably just stare at each other wondering why the hell we got rid of our cable. Actually, I plan to fill in the extra time with books, music, and actual activity.. we're talking exercise folks!

Are you going to get one of those Digital Converter Boxes?
Nope.. screw the boxes. We're roughing it baby! We're not going to have any TV except for the life saving Diego & Dora DVD's. We have a butt load of Movies and maybe we'll actually use some of our workout DVD's! What a concept!

Have you lost your mind?
Maybe, but I just have to see if there's something else out there, beyond the TV screen. This won't be permanent, I love my TV shows, but for now it's something we must accomplish.

Will you keep us posted on how it's going without TV?
You bet your knickers I will, I will probably be on here more often getting screen sucked by the laptop. I'm quite a bit addicted to screen sucking. If feels so darn good!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wickedy Wind

Go Away!!!

Ohhhhh... The Letter!

Ok, so the Hubster got "The Letter" from Verizon. It came by way of email. I was half expecting it to come by Pony Express a month from now. Pretty much everything is staying the same.. wahooo! It didn't say exactly that he'd still be working in this area but we're pretty sure he is. The salary is the one thing they were exact about and it is staying exactly the same. =) So nice to have something not change, especially something we count on! So.. there's one thing we can cross off the "WTF is going on?!" list!

Wooptie Dooptie Doo... *insert awesome dance moves done by Jackie here*

Me! Me! Me! Mondays!

It's that time again... yippeee!!

This one stuck out because of the title..


Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?
Numerous times...I think CD's like it!

What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve dated?
Um... 3-4 yrs I think.

Ever been in a car wreck?
Quite a few, but nothing too serious, thank gosh.

Were you popular in high school?
Yeah, but because I was really friendly, not in a stuck up way.

Have you ever been on a blind date?

Are looks important?
To an extent. Your personality makes you hot or not.

Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??

By what age did you see yourself getting married?
I thought for sure I was going to be married with kids by the time I was 24.. so silly.

If married, what age did you actually get married?
27... sad thing is that I had to pull the calculator out for that one... gasp!

Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?
What I didn't know didn't hurt me...

Have you ever made a mistake?
some of the best ones

Are you a good tipper?
Yes, my years of bartending and serving made me that way.

What's the most you have spent for a haircut?
When I used to get my hair did, it was usually around $80, that's why I do it myself now.

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
Ummmm... I think my friend and I had a crush on our 5th grade teacher.. as much as a 5th grader can have a crush on someone.

Have you ever peed in public?
Ohhh yeah! Cops had told me a couple of times it wasn't right but when you have to go, you pop a squat! I tried to be discreet about it, I didn't just pop a squat in front of all to see.. "oh excuse me a minute.. there much better." :P

What song do you want played at your funeral?
I don't care, the funeral wouldn't be for me anyway.

Would you tell your parents if you were gay?
Absolutely, I might go tell them now just to see what they say.

What would your last meal be before getting executed?
WTH? Um... I cannot even think of anything.. pass.

Beatles or Stones?
Probably Beatles but it totally depends on my mood or what I'm experiencing at the moment.

Beer, wine or hard liquor?
As of Friday night only beer and wine for me! Damn those Mexican Martini's!

Do you have any phobias?
Getting pretty skeered of heights and reptiles are really starting to make me do the heeby jeebie dance!

What are your plans for the future?
Immediate: get more coffee. The rest: to live life happily & strong.

Do you walk around the house naked?
On occasion and I often bust out in song too!

If you were an animal what would you be?
One of my cats. Spoiled rotten!

Hair color you like on someone you're dating?
huh.. must be brunette, I think I've only dated a couple of blondes. Never a redhead... hmmmm that's interesting.

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
probably deaf, especially because I think sign language is amazing, almost sensual.

Do you have any special talents?
I'm sure I could think of something funny to say if I had more coffee.

What do you do as soon as you walk in the house?
Shut the door... just being honest.

Do you like horror or comedy?

Are you missing anyone?
My Ma & Pa

If you weren't straight, what person of the same sex would you do?
Oh probably some hottie slut puppy. ;) Oh I know.. the sister on Chuck..(Sarah Lancaster) She's so gorgeous to me! Tell me she's not:

Where do you want to live when you are old?
Wherever my life takes me.. I'm just enjoying the ride.

Who is the person you can count on the most?
The Hubster

If you could date any celebrity past or present, who would it be?
Matthew McConaughey.

What did you dream last night?
Actually I had crazy dreams about Robert Pattinson. I would have put him for the previous answer but EVERYONE wants to date him right now and I tend to stay away from stuff EVERYONE likes.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
don't really have one

Are you named after anyone?
Everyone who was named before me =)

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
bleck... of course this question is on here. As of the moment nothing sounds appealing to me... damn Mexican Martini's!

Non alcoholic drink?

Have you ever been in love?

Do you sing in the shower?

Have you ever been arrested?
Nope, have come close but I'm pretty charming when I want to be.. there ya go, there's my super talent. ;)

What is your favorite Holiday?
I love the time of year from Halloween to New Year's.

Would you ever get plastic surgery?

Have you ever caught a fish?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday... Miracle on The Hudson!

I am so thankful for this miracle. I do not know anyone personally who was in this plane crash, although the Today Show is doing a great job at interviewing many of them. Tears streamed down my face as they talked to a couple who were still clutching their two children for dear life as they tried to explain the moments they thought might be their last. I cannot even imagine the fear they went through. I'm scared to death that someone is going to steal my child from me at the damn grocery store and here these people were crashing into a river!

Another reason I'm thankful for this miracle is because they are actually going on and on about a good thing that has happened in the news. I had stopped watching the news because it was so depressing and if anything good was reported it was short lived so they could get back to exhausting the bad stuff. No, it wasn't necessarily good that the plane crashed, but it was wonderful that everyone came out alive!

I wish I had the money and the knowledge to start a news show that only reported GOOD news, inspirational news, feel good stuff. Sadly "Jackie's Wonderfully Fabulous News of the Day" probably wouldn't last long seeing that the most watched shows are CSI, Law & Order and all the other murder, mayhem, and crime type shows out there. What happened to the days when everyone gathered around the boob tube (what a name!) to watch shows like Who's the Boss & Family Ties?

Instead of watching the news and wishing I could barricade my home, I can watch the news this morning and be reminded that miracles do exist and there are heroes out there! That, my dahlings, is FABULOUS!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Waiting Game

While I wait for the Turkey Burgers & Sweet Potato fries to cook I thought I'd pop on here and ramble about our current situation which is basically a whole bunch of waiting!

We are waiting to hear if the people got the house they made an offer on because our house is their second choice. The first choice has multiple offers on it right now so all we can do is wait.

We are waiting to hear about the Hubster's job. He went to a "Welcome to Verizon" meeting today to learn very little. He got a voicemail from a lady who claims he is now on her team but when he returned the call he got her voicemail so now all we can do is wait.

We will be waiting for the mail all next week because a letter confirming the Hubster's job and salary will be arriving some time next week so all we can do is wait.

We are hoping that when the Hubster's new boss calls him back she will give him more information but we won't know until she calls so all we can do is wait.

Patience has never been a quality of mine.

Thoughtless Thursday...

My mind is blank, I've got so much going on in there that it's turned into a whirlwind around a big blank spot. More like a Tornado that I wish would crash out of my head (with minimal damage and mess of course... "Ahhh! What happened to your face Jackie???" "Oh my tornado of thoughts escaped.. did I not cover the gaping hole well??") and would travel far, far away. Every now and then a thought will dip down into the empty space but it quickly jumps back into the whirlwind. Maybe more coffee is in order.. where did I put my coffee??? Hmmmmm.........

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brrrrrrr.... Biotches!

It's so fricken cold in our house right now, my teeth are chattering right along with the rhythm of my fingers tapping the keys of the laptop. I'm trying to keep a window open to get rid of the smokey stank that lingers in the house. While doing so I have been reminded that being cold makes me have sudden spurts of turrets syndrome, it makes me cuss something awful. I don't know why exactly but for the longest time ( I guess for as long as I've known cuss words) whenever I get to a certain point of coldness I just start cussing up a storm and I get pretty angry too! I am not a fan of cold weather.

I think I'll go cuddle up to our heating pad because I'm for sure not going to start another fire!

Whoopsie Wednesday!

This Whatever Wednesday has been temporarily changed to Whoopsie Wednesday for the very reason that I made a couple of mistakes yesterday. One not so bad- we'll live, and the other... well, it could have been bad, REALLY bad.

The not so bad mistake was instead of Tips & Tricks Tuesday I did a This & That Tuesday. It's supposed to be This & That Thursday...Whoopsie!

As far as the other mistake goes, well.... I almost killed my family! Stupid really is as stupid does!
I decided to have a fire yesterday evening. I was tired of being cold and also tired of the high electric bills so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone (on a killing spree here) with a nice cozy fire. Who doesn't like a nice cozy fire? It warmed us up right away and although it gave me a hard time until I could call it a "roaring" fire, we enjoyed it. We went about our nightly routines. It was probably around 10pm that the stupidness creeped up on me and took over. I had drifted to sleep and woke up when the heater came on and made my bedroom door shut. Instantly I started thinking about the chimney flue being open and how all the warm air was escaping through it. So I dragged my intoxicated with stupidness self to the fireplace and even witnessed some areas where the fire wasn't completely out but stupidly shut the flue anyway! I then went on my merry, stupid way back to bed. I had taken a sleeping pill because I've been suffering from worrying in the middle of the night and haven't been getting any rest. Maybe, just maybe, that explains why I became so stupid. I fell asleep instantly while the fireplace filled my beloved home with poisonous smoke. Luckily the Hubster was still up because he had taken a nap during the roaring fire session (cozy fire + full tummy will get him every time). He was spending time on his computer in our office. I woke up to him coughing down the hall as he went to investigate what the hell was going one. I jumped to my feet to tell him to "OPEN THE FLUE!!!" I don't know what made me smarter all of a sudden, I guess the smell of smoke and my spouse coughing. He started laughing because even he realized what a stupid thing I had done. He instantly started opening windows and fanned the backdoor for awhile. The heater started to work overtime since it was only 30 something degrees (there goes my effort to save money on the electric bill). We ended up turning the heater off and leaving the windows open for a good half hour to 45mins. Then the heater did it's job for the rest of the night to reheat our home and crank up the electric bill...*sigh*.

So now my house smells like a campfire and I'm sure there will be Realtors lined up at the door to show it today.

I've got a big, nervous pit in my stomach and am scared at what a stupid mistake I had made. What if the Hubster wasn't home? I can't be even more stupid and think like that. I'm so thankful that the worst part of it is that my house smells.

That's a great big Whoopsie for this Wednesday... hopefully the biggest (and last one to do with a fire) that I'll ever make!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Survey says.......


The Apple Bread is really good! Yay for me and my apple bread-ness! The edges came out a little crispy but oh well, I'm just glad it's edible!

Legal notes:
The surveyors consisted of my darling husband and my mini me daughter. They were most definitely affiliated with the making of this bread!

This & That Tuesday!

I've been trying to find ways to get better nutrition in my family. My daughter LOVES, LOVES, LOVES bread so I've been making a lot of different bread and muffin type food.

Here's one I'm about to experiment with today so figured it would do nicely for this Tuesday's "This & That".




* 1/2 cup butter (gotta love the butter, I use Smart Balance w/ Flax Oil)
* 1 cup sugar (Brown sugar baby!)
* 2 eggs
* 2 cups all-purpose flour (I always try to substitute at least half w/ whole wheat four)
* 1 teaspoon baking soda
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (I'll probably add a little more than that)
* 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves (Hmmm... no cloves around here, lets say raisins and cloves are one of the same for this recipe) ;)
* 2 apples - peeled, cored and chopped (it was highly recommended to shred the apples)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease an 8x4 inch loaf pan.
2. In a bowl, mix the butter and sugar until smooth and creamy. Beat in the eggs.
3. In a separate bowl, sift together the flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and cloves. Mix into the butter mixture until moistened. Fold in the apples. Transfer to the prepared loaf pan.
4. Bake 1 hour in the preheated oven, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in the pan for 15 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.

Hope it comes out as well as the review say it should!

How am I doing, you ask?

I'm great, thanks! I'm doing my best to stick to my resolutions and will have a butt load of stuff to blog about once I get it all organized. I'm still obsessed with Edward Cullen even though I've finished the books last week. I'm lost without the books and am trying to fill the void with other books but keep wondering when Edward's going to join the plot =( I'm starting to think I need help. Luckily this awesome chic I know has started up a book club and Twilight is the first book we're going to discuss so I have some more drooling time! Soon after I will have to face the facts that I must move on.

The house is still on the market. We've had some nibbles so hopefully we'll get a good bite really soon. Hmmm... wonder if the Cullens need a house in the Waco area.... see I'm in bad shape!

That's about it for now.. pretty exciting huh?

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Me! Me! Me! Mondays

I was blessed with company this weekend so I've been absent for a couple days. Let's get this week started with stuff all about ME! Woot! Woot!

A-Z of Jackie!

Depends on what the availability is for of course!

B - Best Friend?
I've got some, yes.

C - Crush?
Totally crushing on a pale guy who doesn't even fricken' exist!

D - Dog's Name?
Sir Sebastian... (ok he's not a Sir but at the moment it sounded good).

E - Easiest Person To Talk To?
Uhh... that would probably be myself!

F - Favorite Food?
I just love FOOD in general.

G - Gummy Bears or Worms?
Hmmmm.... Bears are cuter but the worms are way more fun to eat!

H - Hometown?
Tucson, AZ.

I - If You Could Move Would You?

J - Job?
90% Stay at home Mommy, 10% Realtor Assistant

K - Kids?
Have a little darlin' of a gal who is almost 2 going on 13!

L - Longest Car Ride?
Probably Az to South Dakota

M - Milk Flavor?

N - Number of Siblings?

O - One Wish?
Strong, Healthy & Happy (guess that's three but it's what I always wish for my daughter).

P - Phobias?
I'm getting pretty bad about heights.

Q - Favorite Quote?
"Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life." Not necessarily my fave but it's a good one and the only one I can think of right now.

R - Reason To Smile?
My life!

S - Song You Last Heard?
Flyleaf- All Around Me

T - Time You Woke Up?

U - Unknown Fact About Me?
Hmmmm.... I guess it's so unknown that I don't even know it!

V - Vegetables You Love?
Corn is a good one.

W - Worst Habit?
Worrying over EVERYTHING! I've done it so much that it's got to be out of habit.

X - X-Rays You've Had?
When I chipped my ankle and have had a couple for the cyst in my arm.

Scorpio... it all makes sense now, doesn't it? =)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

TGIF and Happy Fabulous Friday Dahlings!

I think Fabulous Friday will be whatever I may find fabulous at the moment. At this moment I am finding something to help me better my finances very fabulous and it's FREE!! (can't get more fabulous than that right now). As one of my resolutions, I'm trying to get smarter about money so this is pretty down right awesome to me.

So here is my Fabulous Find for this Fabulous Friday:

Suze Orman's Free Book Download!!

For those unfamiliar to Suze Orman she's the very annoying lady who knows it all about money. She has a new book, Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan, and you can download it for free on good ol'! It took me all of a split second to download it.

Here ya go:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This & That Thursdays- Cheesecake Cookie Cups!

Take a little bit of This and add a little bit of That and you have:

Cheesecake Cookie Cups!


* 12 pieces NESTLE® TOLL HOUSE® Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Dough
* 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
* 1/2 cup NESTLE® CARNATION® Sweetened Condensed Milk
* 1 large egg
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 1 (21 ounce) can cherry pie filling


1. PREHEAT oven to 325 degrees F. Paper-line 12 muffin cups.
2. PLACE one piece of cookie dough in each muffin cup.
3. BAKE for 10 to 12 minutes or until cookie has spread to edge of cup.
4. BEAT cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, egg and vanilla extract in medium bowl until smooth. Pour about 3 tablespoons cream cheese mixture over each cookie in cup.
5. BAKE for additional 15 to 18 minutes or until set. Cool completely in pan on wire rack. Top with pie filling. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

I made these for The Hubby's Bday and they are SOOO yummy. These aren't good for anyone's resolution to lose weight but it's definitely a recipe you will want to keep for a cheat day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whatever Wednesday - The Visitors

Ok so it's Wednesday, what shall our theme be today? Since I don't have anything wacky, or wordless (I don't think I could ever be wordless) or anything in particular in the wonderful department (besides my beautiful daughter) I figured we'd go with.... Whatever!

So for this Whatever Wednesday I'm going to share a story about people coming to see our house that we put on the market a couple of weeks ago. This actually happened last night.

The Visitors

Last night while I was getting Emma Anne out of the tub I heard my cellphone ring. I figured it was my mom or someone else that I could call back. I took Emma Anne in her room and we did our nightly routine. About 10 mins later the hubby peeks in her room and urgently whispers, "Someone wants to show the house!" I then noticed the sound of a Diesel Truck in front of our home. "Where are they?" I whispered back, confused. "Here! Should I tell them to come back tomorrow?" Knowing how frustrating it is when sellers don't let buyers see their houses and remembering that I heard the phone ring, probably a call to let us know they were coming, I told him to go ahead and let them in but to please ask them not to come in Emma Anne's room. If she sees people she'll get so excited and want to visit. You should have seen her when the plumber came yesteday! Plus, I was in no way all! I mean I wasn't butt naked or anything, but that might have been better. So he went away to tend to them while Emma Anne proceeded to bring me every book she owned and while I sunk in the chair thinking about how messy the house was. My mind was scanning the house remembering that our bed wasn't made, dinner was still on the stove, at least the bathrooms were Ok, that was a relief. Luckily Emma Anne and I cleaned up her toys before her bath. Here we are again.. the house is a mess and someone shows up to see the house!

I heard the door chimes from the front door then after awhile I heard the backdoor chimes (from our alarm system) and instantly wondered about Sebastian, our 90lb Doberman. But I had to let the hubby take care of it, and thankfully he did. He went out there and held Sebastian while they looked around. He wouldn't hurt them as long as were around but he would definitely lick them to death. Then they all came back in and I heard low chit chat for what seemed like forever! Emma Anne went thru her books over and over again. She kept looking at me like, "Ok, let's get this show on the road, what are you still doing here?" and would go to her crib and try to climb in (something I never ever thought I'd see her do looking back on our days of Sleep Training). Eventually I was about to lose it. As parents we all know how time stands still during story time before bed. I wanted out and I wanted to know what was going on and I wanted to get my daughter to bed. AND my book was waiting for me, the last book of a ridiculously addictive series that I was ridiculously obsessed with! I turned off her sound machine so I could try to hear what was being said as I started to wonder if they were waiting for me to come out. That was the only reason I could think of why they would still be there. Surely they're not waiting for me, what do they want with me? The hubby would have come in if they wanted to speak to me, what do they want with frizzy hair, no makeup, sloppy clothes ME?? It had been a good half hour since I heard the first door chime announcing their entrance. That might not seem like that long of time to someone who wasn't stuck in their daughter's room while strangers went through their house judging every nook and cranny!

Finally, I heard the hubby tell them to have a good night and to drive safe. Finally, my freedom was near! I quickly turned off the lights and ran to the window to see what the visitors looked like. Who were these people? Then they walked into my view, all 4 of them plus a Realtor I had met before in my adventures as a Realtor Assistant. They stood in front of the house pointing at different features of my lovely home. I knew the house would not fail me. Even if I didn't keep up my end of the bargain by keeping it tidy, I knew the house would present itself well. I love this house and all it has to offer. They stood out there for a good 5-10 mins while I tried to figure out which of the two women went with which of the two men. Maybe parents helping their Daughter and Son-in-law find their first house? I wanted to shout out the window, "This is a perfect home to start your family!!" almost getting choked up at the thought of it and then realizing I might scare them (which would have been hilarious but I better keep my pranks to non potential buyers). Plus my daughter was trying her damndest to get up to the window so she could be a Super- Secret Agent- Super Spy like her mommy.

They finally got in their cars, the Realtor's sleek black car and the loud diesel truck, and drove off, probably to the house for sale around the corner. I put my wanna-be spy to bed and scurried to get the low down from the hubby who was in the office. He told me how they LOVED the house and were giving me tons of compliments on how it was decorated and what a great homemaker I was, especially for having a kid (I couldn't help but LOVE these people instantly). "Did they love the house because You, the owner, were here or did they actually LOVE the house?" I asked knowing that when you're looking at houses and the sellers are present you feel a sudden obligation to gush about how wonderful their house is even if you're thinking, "this is hideous!!" I know because I've been there.. a couple of times. The hubby responded with a careless shrug, "I don't know," and then went on to say, "I told them they were more then welcome to come back tomorrow when you had time to make it spotless for them and to see it in the day but they were more interested in knowing if the nursery was the same size room as the others."
"Hmmmm, sounds like they really were interested," I responded as I left the office to go see just how messy the house was. It wasn't that bad but could have definitely been better.

I finished up my nightly chores wondering if this was the first house the visitors had looked at. That would explain all the excitement they seemed to have. I also wondered if I would hear anything from them again, would they come back? Would they make an offer? "Only time will tell." I reassured myself as I surrendered myself to my book for the night.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Day 2 of theme days!! I love any tips and tricks that make my life easier and more enjoyable. I'm sure you do too.

Since getting organized is on my 2009 Resolutions List I figured some organizing tips were in order for this cold and rainy Tuesday.

(Thanks to

1. Everything in its place. If you just followed one tip on this list, this would be it. Practice this, and you can skip the rest of the tips and articles listed in this post. Seriously.

So how do you do it? It’s simple. For everything that you own, designate a place for it. You can even label some of those places, to make it easier to remember. Find something that doesn’t have a place? Designate a place for it. Then simply put things back where they belong when you’re done using them. It sounds simple, but it actually takes a lot of practice to get this habit down.

2. Start small. If your life and your home and your office are all incredibly disorganized, don’t try to conquer all of it at once. Choose a small chunk (maybe the top of your desk, or at least one part of it?) and organize that. Then come up with a simple system to keep it organize, and try to practice that system until it becomes habit. Now expand your “zone of organization” further, to a new area. One chunk at a time, you can get organized.

3. Create routines.
One of the best ways to keep your life organized is to make routines for everything — for errands, laundry, finances, etc. And if you do this one at a time, and make it a habit, you can optimize your life this way.

4. Clean as you go. This is a great habit … instead of having big cleaning binges, clean things as you go. Done using some dishes? Wash them right away. Clean the toilet when you finish using it, so it never gets dirty.

5. All info in one place. Use a text document, a wiki, or some other type of system to keep all the information you regularly use and need in one place. You’ll never look for it again.

6. Put it away now. Done using something? Most people will put it down somewhere nearby, with the intention of putting it away later. But messy houses and offices are full of these intentions. Instead of letting things pile up, put them away immediately. Right now, no exceptions.

7. Use an inbox, and empty it. Instead of having papers all over the place, have one inbox for all incoming papers. Well, one for your office, and one for your home. Now you’ll never lose a piece of paper again. Empty it regularly (at whatever regular intervals work for you — daily, weekly, every other day, etc.).

8. Keep a simple filing system. If your filing system is too complicated, chances are you won’t use it. Use this simple system to keep your files in order.

9. Google Calendar. It really doesn’t matter what calendar system you use, but I’ve found that Gcal works best for me. It’s so simple and fast, and as an online calendar I can access it from anywhere (as can my wife). We share a Google Calendar, and we put everything on it: work stuff, personal stuff, our kid’s school and extracurricular events, birthdays, family gatherings, reminders to follow up on things, school holidays, and much more. It keeps all our scheduling in one place, and we never have to worry about remembering again. Other good calendar options: 30 Boxes and Outlook are also popular.

*** I use It's really cute and fun to use AND you can make a grocery list and if you forget to print it up or whatever, you can call the Cozi 1-800 number and it will read your list off to you!***

10. A simple system for pending items.
One reader recently wrote to ask me how she should organize her pending items, such as plane or theater tickets. I suggested she create a “Pending” folder to hold those items, and make a note of each item on her calendar. For those that are attached to a specific date, she could note the item on that date (”Theater tickets for 8 p.m., in Pending folder”). For items that she wants to remember periodically, she could make a note on the first of each month (for example) … so on the first of next month, there is a “Pending items” notation on her calendar, with a list of items in the Pending folder she wants to reminder herself about. If she doesn’t need to remember them yet, she can move that item to the first of the next month.

11. Make your system usable. If you’re having problems with your organization system, take a careful look at what’s tripping you up. Sometimes there’s a difficulty or complication that makes the system too difficult to use. If it’s too difficult, you won’t use it. Keep it simple and usable — if possible, even fun — and you’ll be more likely to stick to the system.

12. Create a landing strip.
When I get home, I empty my pockets and put everything onto a tray near my doorway. My wife does the same. Keys, purse, my ID and cash, cell phone, anything. This way it doesn’t get tossed on our counter or table, and we never have to look for it or forget it when we leave.

Here is the link to the article that offers great resources and more tips:

If you're a Tip Junkie like me here is a great blog just for people like us!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Me! Me! Me! Monday

I've decided to start doing theme days to help me use my blog more AND because it seems like fun. They'll change up until I find the perfect one but for now Mondays are all about Me! Yep! It's Survey time folks! (it's probably kind of sick that I love doing these things so much!) Here we go...

I've come to Realize:

1. I've come to realize that boys...
are gross!

2. I've come to realize that my job...
as a SAHM is the hardest and most rewarding job I've ever had!

3. I've come to realize that when I'm driving...
I think I'm the best singer in the world! Even when my daughter is covering her ears and telling me stop!

4. I've come to realize that I need...
help.... ha ha ha!

5. I've come to realize that my heart...
is capable of much more than I ever imagined.

6. I've come to realize that I hate it when...
I have to do something when all I want to do is curl up and read my book!

7. I've come to realize that when I'm drunk...
I can rule the world and have horrible hangovers now that I'm an old lady. =(

8. I've come to realize that money...
is a stinkin' necessity that I'm not very happy about!

9. I've come to realize that certain people...
can melt my heart with the flash of a smile.

10. I've come to realize that I'll never be...
Normal! Ha ha ha!

11. I've come to realize drugs are...
just a faint memory... just joking. Are HORRIBLE, Icky.. bleck!

12. I've come to realize that my best friend(s)...
are the BEST and much needed!

13. I've come to realize that my cell phone...
although it's a cheapy, is invincible against the wrath of Emma Anne!

14. I've come to realize that last night before i went to sleep...
that I'm obsessed with my book.

15. I've come to realize when i woke up this morning...
that I'm not a fan of waking up early, especially when it's raining.

16. I've come to realize that right now I am thinking about...
answering survey questions.. very focused here!

17. I've come to realize that when I get on Blogger...
I love reading other people's stuff, almost like I'm peeking into their diaries.

18. I've come to realize that yesterday..
that it's easy to make Mr. Holder Happy.

19. I've come to realize that today..
I need to get my butt in gear!

20. I've come to realize that tonight...
I'll probably finish the last book and will probably be sad about it.

21. I have come to realize that tomorrow...
is not guaranteed.

22. I've come to realize that I really want to....
be closer to my parents.

24.I've come to realize that I love...
everything and everyone in my crazy life!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy Birthday to you Mr. Holder!

My darling husband finally turns 30 today. He can no longer tease me for not being in my 20's anymore. Such a relief. He is pretending that it doesn't bother him but I can see the pain in his eyes.. not really, well..a little. Does anybody like turning 30? I am actually enjoying my 30's although the other day I had a crazy realization that I'm not 30, I'm actually 31. When the hell did that happen?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Greatest Invention Ever!

This one is even better than my Lawn Vacuum except I can't figure out how to actually invent it....

"The Thumb Cam! It's so high tech it will blow your mind and so easy to use! When you see something worthy of being captured for all time, point your thumb and click! Ta da!
The Thumb Cam is ALWAYS ready for a picture or video with infinite storage space. No more "thumbing" around your purse looking for your camera only to have to wait for it to turn on AND then ready itself for it's task while the moment you were hoping to catch slips away. The Thumb Cam, everything you always wanted in a camera and more!"

Now you see where my problems lies. It's a great idea but how do I actually invent this? How do I get a camera in my thumb?? I chose the thumb because you can manipulate it into more angles then the rest of the fingers, plus thumbs aren't fingers, are they? =)

I was reminded of this invention, that I've been wanting for quite some time now, when my cat curled up to my brush that my darling daughter left on the floor. He started to brush himself and was in heaven. I can't even explain how he did it really and knew if I got up to grab the camera that he would stop or would be done by the time I got the camera ready. The thumb cam would have worked wonderfully and I would now have a video to show yall.

Now I know some of you are thinking a cellphone could work but mine always has an "insufficient memory" warning and I have come to realize that I will never delete enough pics. When I do get a good shot the quality is not what it could be.

So maybe if I put this out there someone, like a camera obsessed Surgeon, will see this and produce this fabulous thing. I mean there's a lot of people with little machines and metal in them helping them live their lives. It could work.. I'm telling you, it really could.


The other day while scanning thru radio station after radio station I came across one of my past favorite songs. Drive, by Incubus.

The words of this song, as any song, fits any situation but for some reason it's really hitting home right now....

"Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much I let the fear
Take the wheel and steer
It's driven me before
And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
But lately I'm beginning to find that I
Should be the one behind the wheel

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there

So if I decide to waiver my chance to be one of the hive
Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and drive?
It's driven me before
And it seems to be the way that everyone else gets around
But lately I'm beginning to find that
When I drive myself my light is found

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there

Would you choose water over wine
Hold the wheel and drive

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there"

Incubus, Drive.


New Year, New blog background, New Name!

I'm all about fresh starts and trying new things. "I'll try anything once, doesn't mean I have to like it!" (that phrase has brought many bad tasting things into my mouth... oh get your mind out of the gutter!)

So I found it fitting to freshen up my blog since my obsession with Edward and the Cullen Family has had me MIA in the blogging world. I also felt it fitting to change the name. As much as I love Days of Our Lives and my witty self, it just never felt right. I'm a rambler and often they are random, out of nowhere, ramblings. The new name feels good and gives me an open door to blab about whatever I want.. yay!

Right now I'd love to ramble on and on about these vampires that I've come to love and yearn for but I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to change my background... aint it pertty? =)

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2009 brings us all the blessings & hopes that we desire and if that includes Vampires, may they be vegetarians!