Sunday, December 21, 2008


I lost my mind this afternoon and headed out into the crazy whirlwind of all the people trying to finish up their shopping. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

(I must warn you that there is an outrageously long run on sentence ahead)
Of course the lines were long, the first stinkin' grocery store didn't have the right size diapers that I was after, every old granny that thought she could still drive her big ass cadillac was out on the streets going a raging speed of 2mph, husbands were biting their hands off trying not to bitch slap their wives who must have black mailed them to come out in the craziness (makes me wonder what these women have on these men), kids were whining & screaming & crying & laughing, the bell ringers were ringing at mad paces, the second store did have the right size diapers but they were waaay in the back, the aisle blockers were right on cue, the old men who like to chit chat must have drank too much coffee and were way too chatty and it was windy and just too darn cold!

As I hurried home I was trying to forget all that I had just went through. A car cut me off so I started my usual Just-been-cut-off rants and cussings when all of a sudden a leaf caught my eye as it made it's landing on the windshield, "....tap."

Everything changed. I was smiling and was happily thinking of all the beautiful trees and nature and birds singing... someone must have laced my cocoa... and was in a sudden peace with everything. I wish I could explain the feeling that overcame me and the sudden calmness I felt, all from just a tap on the windshield. It was almost as if "someone" tapped me on the shoulder and said... "hey, chill out would ya?"

I think I now understand my daughter's love for leaves.


Katy said...

Yes, it was a mad house out there today. Glad you got a "tap"!

Rachel E. said...

Aah, the zen of leaves. It's fantastic.

And thanks for the eyeballs would've just about popped out over your run-on (grammar nazi that I am)....but with fair warning, I took a deep breath and continued well -prepared.

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Ashley said...

Gotta love getting that little tap...and you are brave for heading out in the chaos...but then again I must be to, I'm headed out