Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kiss & Makeup?

One night I couldn't sleep so I watched some TV. I'm kind of an infomercial junkie but that night I came across a show where people were judging possible dates by their rooms before ever meeting the person. The one's being judged were supposedly unaware of when someone was going to see their room so they didn't have time to clean it up or hide anything. This kind of freaked me out as I wondered what someone would think of me if they had the chance to go thru my things. I eventually fell asleep. The next morning we had some things to do so I actually put some makeup on. As I was fumbling through my makeup bag I started thinking about that show and it hit me... what if someone were to judge you by your makeup bag before ever getting to meet you? That's a pretty scary thought as far as I'm concerned because, well... let's just say I haven't been keeping up with my makeup and it's home.

I put my bag on the counter and tried to look at it as if I had never seen it before. "Hmmmm.." I would judge myself as someone who needs new makeup!


Ashley said...

Your so funny! If anyone saw mine they would probably say the same thing, lol...Thats show sounds kinda intresting

Chelle said...

wow...I think if anyone saw my makeup they would think I'm the most scatterbrained low maintenance person on this planet :) and I wanted to let you know I was writing a blog just as you were stopping by to check my page :) I'm done now.

enecup - Is there enecup big enough for the drink I'm needing tonight?!?!?

Chelle said...

This could go on all night but I have to say the new captcha it gave me is just as fun :)

sesse....i'm just gonna let everyone make up their own "i'm too sesse for my _____" on that one