Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Lies Beneath....

First let's start this off by saying my not so favorite relative, Aunt Flo, finally made her monthly visit. You can always count on her to piss ya off, she's either too early or late and often has too much baggage.

Now on to the possible critter!

My gorgeous doberman, Sebastian, has been on the hunt for months now. He's been after some kind of critter/creature and it's been driving us all crazy. It digs so he digs."It" digs along the edge of the house and obviously lives beneath us. Both the hubby and I have witnessed a HUGE lizard running around the yard so we thought maybe it was that. One day we woke up to find strange little holes, about the size of golf balls, all over our front yard. It looked like someone had come and aerated our yard during the night. Mysterious, very mysterious. The most recent mystery has really made me wonder, What lies Beneath us?

It was a cold, dark night and I was really tired and cranky. As I was taking my vitamins I noticed that my darling husband had left my bday cake out on the counter. I reached for the tinfoil covered plate and to my surprise the cake was being mauled by little black ants. Actually it wasn't to my surprise because I have been fighting those stupid little black ants for what seems forever now. Despite all my efforts they keep coming back! I had no desire to deal with them that cold, dark night so I took the plate and put it in my weeding bucket out in the garage. I then took my cranky ass to bed. A couple of days had passed, I totally forgot about it of course until last night... dum dum dum dummmmmmmmm.

I went to shut the garage door when I noticed that the said plate had been taken out of the bucket and placed on the ground. The tin foil had been spread open and the plate looked to be clean. The rest of the cake was nowhere to be seen. I stood in shock for a couple of seconds then hurried up and shut the garage door and went back in the house. I was scared to know what might have been hiding out in the shadows watching me. The first thing that came to my mind was the troll from the 80's movie Cat's Eye with Drew Barrymore:


Of course I thought about a dog but the plate was at the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket and I can't imagine a dog would be able to get the plate out without knocking the bucket over. Here is a picture of the crime scene taken this morning:


Mysterious, very Mysterious!


Sandra said...

Ummm..... the garage thing, CREEPY! I bet you that ugly troll is living in your garage. Maybe he shrinks himself down to be the "little critter" and then can make himself bigger to eat left over birthday cake.

Chelle said...

My vote is that the ants ate the cake and grew so much that THEY were able to carry the plate out of the bucket. Their other ant friends were anxiously waiting for the leftovers and that is as far as the plate made it to their queen before the little workers finished off your cake. The ants can't take an empty plate back to their royal highness so they just left it there hoping you would refill the above photographed plate...If I were you I would put cake on the plate again and pack up my sh...stuff and get outta dodge before they come back to get it! :) ...and advice on dealing with rough relatives - just tell aunt flo to take a hike for 9ish months :)

Ashley said...

OK, Totally CREEPY! I will not be visiting your garage anytime soon. I hope you find the critter soon though!

Rachel E. said...

Hmmm, this is a mystery indeed. I think we need to get some night-vision goggles and stake out your garage one night to find out what it is. I'm totally curious. I'm really hoping it's NOT a troll.

orubr: A weird, mysterious, cake-loving creature that lives in the garages of people who make cakes.