Monday, November 24, 2008

The new Crack: Screen Sucking!

As defined in the Urban Dictionay:

1. screen sucking

wasting time online long after you have finished what you signed on to do.
i'd be done with that job if i hadn't got caught up screen sucking.

2.screen sucking

To browse the internet for hours without purpose, as if in a trance.
"I can't believe that I spent the entire night screen sucking."

I have most definitely become a victim of this! Unfortunately our insurance doesn't cover rehab or any other type of help for it. I'm on my own with this one. It's already consumed the hubby. It got a hold of him by way of World of Warcraft. Beware!! Ladies keep your husbands far, far away!

The laptop is the most dangerous form of paraphernalia when it comes to Screen Sucking. It will lay there all innocent looking when in reality it is sending out vibes.. "Come touch me, see who has posted about this or that... you know you want to. I know it's only been a couple of minutes since you last checked your email but what if..." Oh, it gets bad. Really, really bad. Sometimes I will be on my way to the laundry room and will mysteriously find myself on the laptop. "How the hell did I get here?" There have been times when I've moved the laptop to another room so I won't see it but somehow the darn thing always ends up on top of my lap! I'll wander around the house aimlessly trying to stay productive but can't seem to do a damn thing without checking with the laptop first. "Oh wait let me check on this" Or "Just a minute, I'll look that up"
Then there's the recheck of everything before you shut down for the night. "better check that site one more time, oh wait what if someone responded on that site, oh yeah, I forgot about my clever comment over there.. better check that again".

It's almost scary how much time is lost in front of a screen. It doesn't just have to be a computer screen. The TV will suck on ya for a good time too! The TV is actually more tricky because it has so many damn channels of nothing that will just suck away if you let it.

Hmmmm... a crazy and almost pornographic thought just popped into my head... what if TV's and Computer's did suck, literally?

I'll leave that one alone.


Rachel E. said...

Were we separated at birth Jackie? Or do you just have some sort of weird device that sucks the thoughts right out of my head? Hmm?

scrally: An appropriate expletive to use when caught screen sucking..."Oh scrally! I've been on this computer how long?"

Fennells said...

Love it!!!!

Chelle said...

I couldn't have put it better myself! It is awful...the bedtime routine includes rechecking everything...even if you just checked it five minutes ago and you are going to bed at one in the morning and the odds of anyone else actually being awake at this time of night are compounded by the odds of anyone actually reading your blog/facebook/myspace at such a late hour! ....I'm so feelin' ya on that one! Oh and by the way, JP would like to know what realm Casey is on.....

Ashley said...

I to am a victim. Maybe we should start a support group instead of a playgroup, lol.

Chelle said...

thank you :) i adore your stories of emma :) she is so precious - i hope i can do half as good a job with kylen as you've done with your sassy pants :)

jp got sucked in by my brother a few years ago. he is pretty much done now. he used a gift card he got last month and told me he wasn't going to keep the account active when it is done. he misses WoW talk of course he is interested :)

Sandra said...

Definitly a victim of the screen sucking. I remember the day it first started happening, the day I joined the moms group. I would probably be baking stuff for tomorrow if it wasn't for screen sucking.

Chelle said...

jp got to play the expansion before everyone else (he was a beta tester) so he got it all out of his system before it went public (...thank goodness) jp is guessing he's a druid - is he right?

Chelle said...

p.s. we really should exchange email lol

Rachel E. said...

For reals, the hangman game is a serious screen sucker...I just sat here for 20 minutes playing...

uncess: The opposite of success. (story of my life, geez..)