Monday, November 10, 2008

Dreams & PP!

Do you believe in dreams? As in believe that they mean something? I know there are some people who right down their dreams as soon as they wake up so they won't forget and start to decipher them. I have always had the CRAZIEST most whacked out dreams and seriously wonder how I get any sleep. I think the Agent Orange that my pops was exposed to in Vietnam has somehow messed up my ability to turn off my imagination. Could be a good and bad thing. Especially when you're trying to get some sleep.

Check out the dream I had last night:

I was driving down the road with my daughter in our Tahoe. I came to a red light. It was actually the red light that I almost always have to stop at before I turn left onto Valley Mills to get to the office. So we're chillin' at the red light and all of a sudden this dude opens up the back hatch window and jumps in!! I was pushing all the lock buttons as soon as he started to open it. See Chevy thinks it's good to be able to open that hatch window with a cute little button on the remote key thing but can you shut it and lock it if you're sitting inside the car? NO! So this dude is in the back of the vehicle waving his very big gun around, I think it had a silencer on it too. Thank the lord Emma Anne disappeared from her car seat, I guess she decided that was too much for her! I started to drive really fast and crazy and told him "I'm going to get myself pulled over by a cop so you might as well shoot me if you're going to do it!" What was I thinking? "By the way, I'm a mom!!" Because you know that by saying those words "I'm a Mom" you can get out of anything, or so I like to think so. I drive like a maniac and the guy seems really nervous but hasn't said anything. Then all of a sudden we're in a REALLY bad part of town, I'm talking G-H-E-T-T-O! I think we some how drove over to Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles. The neighborhood I'm going thru is packed with people running aorund like chickens with their heads cut off and they're shooting at everything and everyone. "Great!" I parked the Tahoe (soo stupid) and got out. I thought I could run and lose the dude. He could have the damn car. But he follows me and then we realize that there's so many people because we're near a bus station and airport. So now I'm trying to find my car and it's like we're in a maze. The guy is just following me. I come across a crime scene where a man has just been shot and they drag his body to the side of the road and go on with their lives. The song "The Boys in the Hood are always Hard..." starts to play (I swear I'm not making this shit up) And my follower says, "it's pretty sad, huh?" I respond, "yeah, it's really sad." I told him i just wanted to find my car and go home. "I'm a mom!" He said, "I'm going to leave you alone but not until I get you out of here first, it's too dangerous!" "Wouldn't that be something, you decide to leave me alone only for me to get shot by someone else!" So we're going around in circles, actually it was more like a square and we're dodging people left and right. A plane had just landed so there was a bunch of people coming off of it. All of a sudden there was a loud explosion and we looked over to our left and a plane that had just taken off crashed into the Mountain! It was freaky to say the least! The plane was Gigantuous and instantly turned to ash. There was no way there were any survivors and I remember thinking at least it happened so fast the people probably didn't even realize it. I must have woken up shortly after that because I just remember trying to get thru more people.

Crazy huh? If I was to figure out the meaning of that dream I would come up with this:

Dude with the gun and all the shooting and violence is because I recently heard a guy on XM radio talking about that kind of stuff.

The Hatch window being open would probably be because Emma Anne pushed the button, I was talking about earlier, while we were in the store one day. I was amazed to see it worked so far from range when I noticed the window was unlocked and instantly started to wonder if someone was hiding in the Tahoe!

Um, the airplane could be from yesterday when I was driving home (we live near the airport) and a plane was landing at the same time and flew right over me. Scared the crap outta me because it was pretty low and really loud! Made me duck!

If I were to try to figure out if my dream was trying to tell me something I would think it was trying to tell me to stay the hell out of the ghetto! And to keep the damn hatch window locked!

Wondering about the PP?

PP in this post stands for Possibly Pregnant and that would be me! It's such a trip to think I may be Preggers again. I've been feeling a little nauseous the past couple of days but I can't imagine it being from that. I'd only be a week along. I actually don't think we'll get prego this time, it's our first month trying and for some reason I feel like you have to try a couple of times. Who knows why that came to be. My lovely 31st birthday is this Saturday (the 15th) so I thought it would be fun to do an early pregnancy test then. Could be a nice little birthday present! I should be starting around the 18th. We shall see!


Rachel E. said...

Wow, Jackie, that is one messed up dream...that's crazy! I guess if you're stayin' out of the ghetto, then I can't count on a visit from you anytime soon, huh? :)

Your two-week wait, eh? That's the worst, waiting to take that test! Never say never on a one-shot deal...that's what happened with ALL FOUR of mine! :0

PS: My word today is ovockin. Yeah.

Ashley said...

Mercy woman! You have some crazy dreams!

I hope you get preggo on the first try! I did with Jaidan!

Fennells said...

Hi Jackie,
Here is wishing you better luck peeing on the stick than I had this month :-(

....I better hurry up so you're not too far ahead of me!!!