Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have a friend who actually enjoys being put into a Dr's exam room and left alone for what seems like forever. She says she "enjoys the quietness". Her life is pretty hectic, so I'll give her that. I on the other hand am not sure I should be left alone with my thoughts!

After the words "Have a seat, the Dr. will be in shortly," I make myself comfortable then go for the fingernails and give myself a quick manicure realizing that my hands are really wrinkly for my age and that I really need some lotion. Then my eyes start to wander around the room reading all the signs (2 or 3 times) that are posted along the walls with tacky thumbnails:

'Starting September 30th, we will see you TOMORROW!' "Ummm.. am I going to be in here waiting until tomorrow?" I chuckle because I do often crack myself up.

'You have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you! Please point to your language below:'
I wonder if they have a bunch of interpreter's hanging out in a closet waiting (like me)? "Ok, Asian speaking man, it's your turn in room 311. Portugal speaking woman, please stop picking on German speaking man. You'll have a turn soon." Of course I chuckle again.

'Gardasil! Available! Ask Me!' So I did, I asked the sign and got no response. Total rudeness.

Then my eyes dart to these florescent rectangle shaped stickers on some of the equipment. "3pm Exempt". So.. are these not 1pm, 2pm, 4pm & 5pm exempt? It's almost 5pm here, what are we going to do??! Thank goodness I'm only here for a consultation, I guess we'll worry about the equipment exemption at another visit. Wait.. it's almost 5pm?? The office closes at 5pm! What if... then I hear some of the nurses in the hallway... "Goodnight, see you tomorrow.. yeah, you too." Then another, "Goodnight, see ya." Oh holy hell! I've been forgotten! I'm going to be stuck in this exam room over night! I guess I could sleep on the exam table, wait.. what? I'm not sleeping here! Cough, Jackie, cough really loud, make sure they hear you. "*cough* *cough* *cough*!!" Silence. That's not going to work. Open the door, yell for help, maybe they'll still hear you! My eyes notice the stupid beach clock (Really, a beach clock? So doesn't go with the decor) that ticks way too loud. It's 10mins past 5! You've got to get the hell outta here Jackie! My foot starts tapping because my crazy-ness is starting to get the best of me. My calmness is lazily thinking "oh get a grip, they're not going to forget about you. Why did you stop running by the way? You were doing so good and then just stopped. You kicked ass in that 5k race and then just stopped. Why can't you stick with something? Remember how good you felt? You really should start running again, yeah you better start tomorrow." The crazy side speaks up "Yes! Start running again, start RIGHT NOW! Run out the door damnit, they've forgotten you!"

Just as I started to fake stretch so I could reach for the door to give a little peek, the Dr. came in. "I"m so sorry you've had to wait so long. The other Dr. had an emergency C-section so I got all his clients, I really am sorry."

"No problem doc, I enjoy the quietness." ;0)


Sandra said...

I am glad to know that someone elses mind works exactly like mine does. Silence = insanity
And seriosly how could you think that someone would forget you? You are unforgetable....
Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay.......

Chelle said...

I am amazed and how wonderful a writer you are. When I read your blogs I can relate to so much...or I can just see you doing these things (poor Rabi)
I feel like my blogs are just poor random scribble compared to yours.

ooh BTW I take naps when they make me wait. Especially right after I had Kylen and we had all those appointments. yeah I'm not ashamed, I slept....might have snored too - their fault for keeping me waiting :)

since the girl that usually posts her captcha word hasn't commented yet -
'fouresh' as in "your appointment is at 3pm and the dr will be in to see you around fouresh"

Rachel E. said...

Jackie, you are never alone with all the little voices in your head. Actually, since we are long-lost weird, one-born-later-than-the-other twins, maybe it's MY voice that lingers in your head. Chew on that on for a while, why dontcha??

aurdst: What a guy with a bad speech impediment calls "art"

Ashley said...

You crack me up woman! I can't be left alone with my thoughts's a scary place, lol....

Fennells said...

Thanks Jackie - you made me smile!!!!! Sitting in the doc's office will never be the same again!