Sunday, November 9, 2008

6 mins before Amazing Race!

Ok, so I have 6 Minutes (now 5) until my show comes on. What could I possibly ramble on about for 5mins? How about that spam blocker thing you have to do for just about any comment now. You know the thing that makes you type out the letters that are all wonky? "Frick a frack a wazzut" going uphill and sideways.
I wonder this.... do you try to pronounce the word? (I know some are actual words but most are just letters) Or do you just type out the letter without giving it much thought? I automatically try to pronounce the word and wonder if it were an actual word what that word might stand for. I tried earlier to not pronounce one but you know how that goes. When you try NOT to do something (2mins left) you most definitely will! It's kind of like that question: When you wipe yourself do you scrunch the toilet paper or do you fold it up?

Ok, time's up... gotta go! ( I scrunch mine up!)


Rachel E. said...

Ummm, I definitely have to have a little fluff, or else I fear the fingers getting around the edge...oy. PS My word is: brool...ha ha ha ha!

Ashley said...

I'm a scruncher!

Hope you enjoyed the Amaxing Race, lol.