Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 222 - Part 2!

Things are looking good folks!
"I'll be very surprised if they don't buy this house!" are the words that came right out of my boss's mouth and into our ears! The other house, for some miraculous reason (gotta love my guardian angels), has been taken off the market so they only looked at ours and seem to really like it.
"I won't be counting any chickens until they hatch," are the words that were spoken from The Hubster with a grin smeared across his face, but it's looking pretty good for us... so far. We should know more tomorrow.

Looks like good ol' 222 is still a good number for me!

Day 222

When asked what my favorite number is, I often say 222. Sometimes just 22 but I REALLY like 222. The fabulous number 2, in general, is my favorite number so obviously 222 is my fave digit tripil-ized (yes, I sometimes make words up, it's the Tigger in me)!

So here we are on Day 222 of the house being on the market! How awesome would it be if we got an offer or were told of an offer on this day? Pretty darn awesome in my book (which yall should read sometime). Here's the thing, my boss lady, who is also my Realtor, is showing the house today and has already been working up numbers. BUT, and this is one of those big, ugly BUTs, a house nearby JUST went on the market, we're talking 3 frickin' days ago, and it's pretty swanky! It's a couple of thousand cheaper than ours because it's smaller but it's holding up a lot of competition. This happened to us about a month or so ago. A couple was about to make an offer on our house when a new one popped up on the market and they snatched it. Then they called to say they were going to withdraw their offer and come back to ours but ended up staying with that house because the homeowner, & builder of the home, fixed whatever they were not happy about. If these people go with that other house, they have narrowed it down to our house and that one, I'm afraid it will nudge a confirmation of a thought that flashed through my mind while mopping yesterday.

"What thought Jackie??" The thought that maybe we're not meant to move closer to the family yet. When the hubby and I pray and hope for our situation we ask to be led down the path that's best for our family, we don't ask for certain things to happen. With this other house and all it's perfect matches for the couple (from what I've been told so far) coming on the market just days ago, it makes me imagine (***WARNING! Taking a glimpse into Jackie's imagination could change the way you think of her and her sanity. You have been warned!!***) my little guardian angels (I definitely have more than one and they're super cute) nudging the home owners to sell their house RIGHT NOW in preparation to distract the couple from buying our house because we're not meant to leave yet which isn't the end of the world or anything. I want to be where we're meant to be, I'm totally and completely open to that. It just means we will need a new plan.

Yes, I know I'm a bit crazy but having your house on the market this long and dealing with the whacked out situations that we have, including loading our cats up in carriers from people who want nothing to do with cats who then turn around to say "we LOVE your cats", kind of does things to you and of course I've always been a little on the different side!

To be continued......

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 220

That is how many LONG days our house has been on the market. 7 mths! Let's just say it has been quite an experience, for sure. We've gone through a lot of ups and downs and there are times when I feel a volcano of emotional stress start to bubble inside me and I'm not really sure where all the lava from the explosion will go, a bit scary. Fortunately, for me and everyone else, I married a man who knows the perfect ritual dance to keep that volcano calm. He's great at reminding me what matters most is that we have our little family and we're all healthy. I also need to give credit to our beautiful 2 year old daughter who keeps us laughing constantly. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got through hard times before I knew about the power of her smile!

You should always try to find the lesson in every situation and we're honestly becoming stronger through all this. I have learned that a stressful situation can make or break you, it totally depends on YOU. My father has always said "It's all what you make of it" and like many other times throughout my life, I'm realizing how right he is!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Road Trip!

We finally got our lazy butts out of Waco and on the road to see my folks in Tucson, Az. I hadn't been there since my High School reunion which was 3 years ago (say what?!?). It was so great to get out of our every day routines and relax but most of all it was great to be back in Arizona. I love that desert I grew up in, maybe not so much during the whole growing up part, but now that I've been away from it, I truly miss it. Especially my beloved mountains. It actually rained a couple of days while we were there which is rare for this time of year. They hit a record for the amount of rain they got one day and all the desert dwellers were so happy while I threw a temper tantrum. I wanted to go to the zoo! Of course we made the best of it and had some warm, sunny days too. We had a wonderful time that went by way too fast. I can't wait for our next trip!

Instead of uploading a gazillion pics and explaining who so and so is or what we're doing, I created a slideshow (it was REALLY cool until I realized I had to pay for all the extra cool stuff, so now it's just meduim cool).
Sit back and enjoy our trip out to the Old Pueblo!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Verdict

Numero Uno question:

How do I feel?

Honestly, I feel Fantastic!!
AND I lost 5lbs... BAM! (I've hit the stubborn last-pounds-that-don't want-to-leave plateau so that's a huge number for me!) I am expecting to gain some back once I start eating more wheat and dairy but it's cool because I'm running more, and faster... zoom, zoom, zoom!

I am so glad we did the cleanse for a couple of reasons and I'm going to tell you those reasons. First of all I'm glad that we were able to stick to something so strict, especially when it had to do with something that The Hubster and I dearly love... FOOD! It was not easy but there was never even a glimpse of giving up. I know it was especially hard on The Hubster because I truly liked most of my veggie concoctions- him, not so much. He grinned and bared it most of the time but was quick to make sure I knew it was only because it wasn't Steak or Bacon Cheeseburgers. He really will stick with me through just about anything. I'm also VERY glad we did it because it opened up a whole new world to me as far as cooking with veggies go. I was always a little shy in that area but now I'm anxious to experiment with even more! It also brought my attention to some great new products that we will incorporate into our daily living (I'll list them below).

Before we started I was hoping that I would go past a week but I'm D-O-N-E. One of the main reasons is because when I work out pretty hard my body craves eggs (especially sunny side up with runny yoke so I can dip my wheat toast in it *drool*). I know it's for the protein and this cleanse didn't allow them. If you listen, you're body will let you know what it needs, even if sometimes it's chocolate. :) I'm also done because I could see where I was starting to become bored of the veggie & fruit scene and I really didn't want to ruin a good thing. It's kind of like the Seinfeld and Friend's finales, they wanted to end them while people still loved them. Another reason, and a fairly good one, is it was getting quite expensive! Gluten free and animal byproduct free food is not only hard to come by but also pricey and we were going through a lot of fruit and veggies quickly! We are lucky that there's a huge variety of Gluten free stuff out there and I've learned more about Celiac disease than I ever could have imagined. A big reason I'm done is because I was wanting everything in sight only because I couldn't have it. Before the cleanse we were doing really well with making healthy decisions. We didn't go through the drive-thru at Burger King because we knew we shouldn't and we were fine with that. During the cleanse just the word "drive-thru" made me drool and I could see that if I restricted myself much longer I would totally become a huge fatty because I would gorge on the whole town!

So now what? Well, because of the cleanse I am changing some of my ways. I will be incorporating ALOT more veggies and fruits into our diet and will continue the afternoon smoothies, with tofu included. We used to have smoothies fairly often but I'd really like to try to make it a daily habit. It helps us get the daily amount of fruit we need and having it in the afternoon helps us to not be so hungry for dinner therefore, we don't eat as much. Ahh... two birds with one stone! I will no longer have coffee before the gym, I prefer my natural adrenaline (which is pretty kickass!). In fact I will be cutting back on coffee. If I didn't love it so much I would cut it out completely, but I am a definite coffee lover. I will be using more teas and Teeccino (herbal coffee stuff) in place of it. I had a feeling coffee was making me feel blah and after having some this morning I now know I was right. There's just something about it that I can't explain, just a blah feeling, like something icky or tar-like is in my body. It could very possibly be the sugar! That just dawned on me... hmmmm. I'll have to experiment a little bit. During the cleanse I felt more calm, not as anxious. Now that I've had caffeine (could only do half a cup) I'm pretty anxious. Since I've been away from that anxious feeling I can totally feel and see the difference and I've got to say it's not as comfortable. I used to drink coffee/caffeine from the minute I got up and throughout the day so I didn't remember what the "normal" feeling was like. I had nothing to compare it to, until now. Interesting! I also want to add that I tried some of The Hubster's Dr. Pepper and it was very sugary and syrupy to me... not so good.

Ok, this is turning into a novel, but then again most of my writings do. This morning's breakfast was very delicious, and there was so much flavor! I had eggs, sausage, sourdough toast with lots of butter and pancakes with blackberries and whipped cream topping. The Hubster had something that consisted of a lot of meat. It wasn't exactly as wonderful as I dreamed it would be but my father taught me long ago that a lot of times the anticipation is better than the prize. Actually my favorite part was the eggs with two huge slices of tomatoes on top. During the feast I could tell The Hubster was very happy. Today is his day, he gets to pick our meals. He's still full from breakfast so I had one of my awesome salads for lunch. That tells ya something, I could have had anything I wanted but was craving my salad, and it was so good- still doesn't need dressing. I'm pretty sure we're going to have pizza for dinner; a big, greasy, cheesy pizza!

The main reason I wanted to do this diet was to get The Hubster off wheat/gluten. I have a feeling that he has a sensitivity to it. He says that he doesn't feel any different and when i asked him how he feels after the cleanse his response was, "clean" (hardy, har, har). He seems to have lost weight too, he doesn't weigh himself so I can't report an actual number. He did admit that his tummy is a little upset from the breakfast, red flag for me that I was right with my diagnosis-especially because he didn't seem to have any tummy troubles during the cleanse (not counting the day he ate a butt load of salsa), but it could just be from all the variety of food. Kathy Freston, the author of the book that I got the cleanse from, Quantum Wellness, stated that by eliminating the certain items from your diet gives your body a chance to have a break from processing those items and will then dig deeper to clean out the stored stuff, like toxins. From what I'm told, and have been told long ago, there is no scientific evidence that any type of cleansing actually does anything but that's why I don't believe in scientific evidence and all the pills it produces. I believe in how I feel and what I see.

Right now I see and feel a great difference!

Thanks to the cleanse, here are some of my new beloved items:

  • Agave Nectar (natural sweetener)
  • Teeccino (herbal, decaffeinated coffee-like blend)
  • Schär Gluten-free & Wheat-free pastas
  • Burts Bee's natural eye cream & face moisturizer (found them while looking for gluten free food)
  • In-expensive, unsweetened, organic green tea in a box! (couldn't use it during the cleanse because of the caffeine but again, found it while looking for allowable food)
  • Radishes (never bought them before.. can you believe it?)
  • Onions (didn't use them very much but now I can't imagine cooking without them)
  • A variety of Spices (veggies can be pretty bland)
  • Celery & Peanut Butter (have always loved this but am totally addicted right now)
  • Veggies & Fruits in general

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The End!

We've made it to the cleansing finish line! "Hip, hip, hooray.. the super readers save the day!" Ok, so that had nothing to do with this but it's from one of my beloved daughter's favorite cartoons.

For today's lunch we had all sorts of sauteed veggies (onions, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, olives, zucchini, squash & although it's technically a fruit- tomatoes) mixed with pasta and sun dried vinaigrette dressing. I was proud of that dish 'cus it was goood. Our afternoon smoothie was Strawberry, kiwi & banana. For dinner we had the Spice soup that simmered all day. It was pretty darn good. The Hubster was very impressed. To make it spicy the recipe calls for you to brown these little dried red peppers in oil then drain the oil and use it to sautee onions and mushrooms. I let the peppers brown a little too long, even though I was warned not too, so our soup was a little bit VERY spicy. Oh, and it made a ton! Definitely freezing a couple of batches. If you'll notice, we didn't have breakfast. Well, I had a couple of handfuls of nuts and raisins and my fake coffee. We went to the grocery store this morning to get some items for the soup and by the time we got back it was time to get lunch going. Missed out on some bran cereal.. oh darn!

I'm anxious to write about the cleansing experience and how I feel about it and throw some pros and cons together but it's just not going to happen tonight, sorry Charlie.

I need to go get ready for bed so I can drag my butt to the gym for some early morning running and yoga. Best of all I need to get my rest for what will probably be one of the best breakfasts I have ever had!!

I'm Official!

I've decided that I am now officially a runner. Here's why:
  • I have completed four 5k races (one with an end result of finishing in 3rd place of my age group -such a bragger!) and have 3 planned for the near future.
  • I've been running 5 times a week.
  • Here's what really makes it official: I'm a subscriber to TWO running magazines!
Yep, I'm finally a runner!